EBOR Autumn Lamp O series

Nov 8 - Dec 13

Autumn Lamp O series
How many controls can you find in 45 minutes? Maps are 1:7500 and there will be 30 lamp posts to find. There will be a mass start at 1830 and you will need to be back by 1915. Points for each lamp post found, penalties if you are late back! This will appeal to orienteers and runners looking for a bit of variety alike.
Meet at the given location at around 6-15 pm for briefing, map distribution, and issue of control cards. Time for post run analysis in the chosen hostelry.

Wed 08 Nov 23 Huntington, Blacksmiths Arms
Wed 15 Nov 23 Poppleton, Lord Collingwood
Wed 29 Nov 23 Haxby, Tiger Inn
Wed 13 Dec 23 Woodthorpe, Quakerwood

Don't forget your headtorch and pen!
Contact: [email protected]

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Entered Huntington Nov 8: 10
Entered Poppleton Nov 15: 10
Entered Haxby Nov 29: 14
Entered Woodthorpe Dec 13: 12
Entry Fees
Entry Fee: £5.00
£5 per event. £2.50 juniors/students. Payment on the day accepted. Enter all events beforehand to get a free entry, i.e. 4 for the price of 3.
Event Information
Start List - Woodthorpe - The Quakerwood - Dec 13th
Simon Caldwell EBOR
Helen Chan EBOR
Amanda Cooper EBOR
Carmen Elphick EBOR
Charlotte Foster AIRE
Leon Foster AIRE
Kevin Francis CLARO
Nicola Gover EBOR
Richard Gover EBOR
Michael Leadbetter EBOR
Michal Slezak EBOR
Vicky Todd EBOR