Starry Night-O

Saturday 16th December

Entries close Wednesday 13th December

Come join us for night-time adventures in the famous Star Posts area of Swinley Forest.

See one of the South of England's most famous orienteering territory in a whole new light -- the beam of your headtorch!

It promises to be an exciting new departure and we'll have some Christmas-themed treats along the way. See you there.
Some serious stuff first:
- Senior (16+) entries only. No unaccompanied Juniors. See the memo below for details on how U-16s can run in company of a Senior.
- this is night-time orienteering, so you'll need to see and be seen and heard when needed.
- All entrants will need to wear high-vis and be equipped with a functioning headtorch or equivalent and whistle.
- There are other users of the forest space, most notably a lot of keen and fast mountain-bikers. The courses have been planned with likely MTB activity identified. Entrants need to avoid running along certain trails and to keep out (OOB) of a small number of sections of the forest to minimise MTB contact.
Contact: [email protected]

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Entries close 23:59 on 13th Dec

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Car Sharing available


We've given some Christmas-themed names to the courses -- these do correspond to standard Orienteering colour-graded levels.
If you are not familiar with Orienteering colour-grading --don't worry, we've also provided some plain English descriptions!
NB- the 'climb' given for each course is an estimate, may not be reliable.

The Golden Glow 2.3km 40m climb
The Golden Glow* -- our shortest and simplest course, which can be solved entirely by running on the path network of Star Posts forest.
But at night, all paths are grey! Are you ready for the challenge ?

Please note the remarks about Unaccompanied Juniors. Under 16s are not eligible to enter any course of this event, including this one. U-16s can accompany a Senior entrant on a 1:1 basis, subject to completing a disclaimer available at Registration on the day of the event.

Entry limit: 24
Entered: 6

Holly Green 4.7km 50m climb
The Green Holly and Mistletoe is roughly the length and navigation challenge of a 'Green colour' course at a regular orienteering event. But at night it can be difficult to tell light green from dark green! Have fun out there.
Entry limit: 45
Entered: 17

The Blue Bauble 6.2km 80m climb
The Blue Bauble is a 'Short Blue' standard course, but on an inky black night you'll need keep your wits about you to find each control.
Entry limit: 60
Entered: 26

Entry Fees
From 11th November:
    Starry Night-O Fees Early
        Senior: £9.00
        non-BOF Supplement: £2.00
        Senior Chip hire: £2.00
        Junior/Student: £7.00
        Non-BOF Student Supplement: £2.00
        Junior/Student Chip hire: £2.00
From 6th December:
    Starry Night-O Fees Late
        Senior: £11.00
        non-BOF Supplement: £2.00
        Senior Chip hire: £2.00
        Junior/Student: £9.00
        non-BOF student Supplement: £2.00
        Junior/Student Chip hire: £2.00

Juniors are under 16 on race day.
Fees are £9 (early) and £11 (late entry) for all 16+ entrants.

Full-time students (self-declared) get a £2 discount on entry fee.

Non British Orienteering members pay a supplement on entry fees (£2 per entry).

SIAC dibbers are £2.00 to hire. Please take care of them as we must charge £72 for any lost dibber.
Event Information

Inital Details
Parking and Assembly at The Look Out car Park.
Easily accessible from the M3 (junction 3) and the M4 (junction 10) - look out for the brown signs - the car-park is opposite Coral Reef Waterworld on Nine Mile Ride.

The postcode is RG12 7QW note this postcode does not work in all Sat Navs so you may prefer to use the following co-ordinates: N51.388 W0.740 OR Grid Ref: SU57136965 OR what3words: stone.hills.speeds

The event is also accessible by public transport - Assembly is a level 4K distance on path network from Bracknell train station.

Event Safety: It is a condition of entry that you agree to the safety policy, notably by being equipped for night orienteering (High-vis, light, whistle). You must avoid areas of high Mountain Bike (MTB) activity as indicated by Planner on Maps and notes.

Electronic Timing: The event uses the SI timing system. Contactless punching will be enabled except for a punching Start and Finish.

Event times:
Hired SIAC dibber collection 16:30 - 18:00
Starts: 17:00 - 18:15
Course close at 20:00.
All participants must download by course closure time; even if you do not finish the course.

Start/Finish are close to the Assembly/Parking area.
There will be an area near the start/finish where clothing can be left at your own risk.

Toilets: there will be toilets provided at the event

Refreshments: Please bring your own refreshments, as there will not be public facilities at Assembly -- we will provide details of nearby drinking/dining options in Final Details.

You must adhere to the:British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct
Please note that smoking or vaping is not allowed at the event.

This event takes place in forest - full body cover is required

Personal Responsibility:
Competitors are responsible for their own personal safety and for assessing their own abilities to complete the course.

Use of personal data:
The personal data you give at Registration will be used by the event organisers and their agents for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results, conducting safety checks and as required by our insurers to validate our cover. Your information will be managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Click here for BKO event website: StarryNightO
Start List
The Golden Glow Club Start time
Mairead Duke 17:30 - 17:44
Steve Goodrum SN 17:00 - 17:14
Rob Mullens BKO 17:00 - 17:14
Sophia Oqvist BKO 17:00 - 17:14
Richard Rae BKO 17:30 - 17:44
Gill Sharp SN 17:15 - 17:29
Green Holly and Mistletoe Club Start time
Kirsty Adams BKO 17:00 - 17:14
Fiona Clough BKO 17:15 - 17:29
Thomas Down NWO 17:00 - 17:14
Annika Greenwood SOC 17:00 - 17:14
Doug Greenwood SOC 17:00 - 17:14
Denise Harper BKO 17:00 - 17:14
Patrick Laloyaux BKO
Heidi Lloyd TVOC 17:00 - 17:14
Martin Lock GO 17:15 - 17:29
Carol Lovegrove SN 17:00 - 17:14
Nicola Mort
Jim Munday BKO 17:15 - 17:29
Debra Robinson SN 17:00 - 17:14
Glyn Thomas BKO 18:00 - 18:14
Eddie Walsh BKO 17:30 - 17:44
Eddie Whittle BKO 17:00 - 17:14
Toni Whittle BKO 17:00 - 17:14
The Blue Bauble Club Start time
Frank Aasgård 17:30 - 17:44
Christopher Ashenden SN 17:00 - 17:14
Helen Ashenden SN 17:00 - 17:14
Keith Belsey SN 17:30 - 17:44
Robin Bishop TVOC 17:00 - 17:14
Craig Blackford BADO 17:00 - 17:14
Peter Daplyn SN
Peter Dobra SAX 17:00 - 17:14
Marc Ebanks SN 17:30 - 17:44
Chris Evans SLOW 17:15 - 17:29
Paul Fox SN 17:15 - 17:29
Neil Frankum BKO 18:00 - 18:14
Juraj Hammer IND 17:15 - 17:29
Michael Krajewski SN 17:15 - 17:29
Cameron Lamond SN 17:00 - 17:14
Richard Lloyd LOK 17:30 - 17:44
Paul Machnicki BKO 17:30 - 17:44
Trish Monks BKO 17:30 - 17:44
Bo Oqvist BKO 18:00 - 18:14
Bert Park SUFFOC 17:45 - 17:59
Zlatko Peev SLOW 17:30 - 17:44
Sarah Rollins SN 17:15 - 17:29
Daniel Rose 17:00 - 17:14
Neil Speers DFOK 17:30 - 17:44
Roger Thetford TVOC 17:15 - 17:29
Jon Vaughan BKO 17:30 - 17:44