Dorset Delight

Sunday 7th January

Wessex Orienteers invite you to this regional event, which is the 32nd Dorset Delight at Coldharbour on wareham Forest, just North of Wareham on the Isle of Purbeck.
Colour coded courses will be planned to make the most of the forested Southern part of Wareham forest, which has been recently thinned by Forerty England. The thinning has improved runnability and new undergrowth has not yet had a chance to get established. Bracken should have died back by January.
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Entered: 27

Brown 7.7km 260m climb
Entered: 6

Blue 6.1km 205m climb
Entered: 7

Green 4.8km 155m climb
Entered: 10

Short Green 3.0km 60m climb
Entered: 1

Light Green 3.3km 70m climb
Entered: 1

Orange 2.7km 55m climb
Entered: 2

Yellow 2.1km 25m climb

White 1.6km 20m climb

Courses make maximum use of the two forest blocks either side of the central, uncrossable wet mire of Morden Bog. The landscape has good topography with many re-entrants so there will be climb. Route choice will be added to by OOB areas (wet mires and areas of open heathland) that we are not allowed to cross.

Entry Fees
Senior: £12.00/£14.00
Senior Novice: £6.00
Senior Chip hire: £1.00
Junior: £2.00/£4.00
Junior Chip hire: £0.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Entry Fees - £12 senior (£14 non BOF ) £2 Junior (£4 non BOF)
Event Information

Event centre is on the Forestry England site at Coldharbour

Car parking is on forestry tracks near the event centre.

The event will be solely using the southern area of Wareham Forest, which is almost all wooded. The area has been recently thinned, which makes runnability good, and hopefully the bracken will have died back by January. The landscape has good topography with many re entrants so there will be climb. The two main blocks of woodland are separated by a central valley mire (Morden bog) which is uncrossable. The courses will have several areas of OOB as we are not allowed to cross any mires nor areas of open heathland. This will add to the routechoice on most courses.

Overprinted with courses at 1:10,000

Sport Ident using SIAC enabled controls
Registration open from 10:15 for hire card collection (SI Card5 only) and any last minute changes to entry details.

Start Times
Starts from 10:30 to 12:30.

Portaloos at the event centre.

Event Officials
Planner: Lyra Medlock
Controller: Kevin Pickering
Organiser: Rob Hick

WSX Event Page
Start List
Brown Club
Tom Alcock WIM
Harry Bratcher-Howard WIM
Andrew Howard
Jolyon Medlock WSX
Robin Mills WIM
Chris Turner WIM
Blue Club
Woo Allen SN
Monty Bratcher - Howard WIM
Andy Horsley WIM
Vicky McCreadie WIM
Benjamin Mills WIM
Bruno Smith WSX
Laura Wilcox WSX
Green Club
Julie Astin Wessex
Christopher Branford WIM
L-j Evans WIM
Jim Graham WIM
Joe House
Eskarina Medlock WSX
Rebecca Medlock WSX
Carol Prosser BAOC
Ian Prosser BAOC
Ian Tait SARUM
Short Green Club
Sarah Houlder WSX
Light Green Club
Elizabeth Lockton WSX
Orange Club
Lynn Branford WIM
Russell McCreadie WIM