Brighton City Race

Saturday 16th December

Contact: [email protected]

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Entered: 90 of 150

Course 1
Entered: 17

Course 2
Entered: 16

Course 3
Entered: 17

Course 4
Entered: 25

Course 5
Entered: 10

Course 6
Entered: 5

Entry Fees
From 13th November:
        Senior: £10.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Senior Enhanced Chip hire: £2.00
        Junior: £5.00
        Junior Chip hire: £0.50
        Junior Enhanced Chip hire: £1.00
From 11th December:
        Senior: £13.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Senior Enhanced Chip hire: £2.00
        Junior: £6.00
        Junior Chip hire: £0.50
        Junior Enhanced Chip hire: £1.00
From 16th December:
        Senior: £15.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Senior Enhanced Chip hire: £2.00
        Junior: £6.00
        Junior Chip hire: £0.50
        Junior Enhanced Chip hire: £1.00

Juniors are under 26 on 31st December.

Event Information

SO Juniors Free
SO juniors enter for free using the special discount code. Email the event organiser if you don't know this code.

Event website
Start List
Course 1 Age Category Club
Tom Alcock M21 WIM
Alan Blanchflower M35 WSX
Tony Burton M55 MV
John Dasey M40 SO
Daniel Figg M21 HH
Alfred Hall M20 SYO
Joseph Herbert M20 MDOC
Daniel Hodson M21 HH
Philip Johnston-Davis M50 RAFO
Yordan Kolev M35 SLOW
Eamon Leung M18
Euan Marsh M21 SO
Liam Marsh M21 SO
Toby Ng M20
Peter Stubberfield M40 SO
Paul Truss M35 RAFO
Harold Wyber M35 CHIG
Course 2 Age Category Club
Becky Barnard W21 SO
Luke Corkill M50 SPOOK
Simon Fitzpatrick M50 SO
Tim Gray M45 SOC
Garry Greenstreet M50 SO
Ali Hepburn W35 ECKO
James Kingdom M21 BOF
Sophie Kingdom W21 BOF
Rob Leathley M50 SO
Iris Lueke W45 SLOW
Millie Pettitt W20
Richard Powell M45 WAOC
Mark Saunders M45 SO
Dickson ChungYin Tam M45 HH
Fiona Tam W21 SLOW
Tony Udris M50 SYO
Course 3 Age Category Club
Ian Byrne M65 SMOC
Anna Chapman W50 SO
Peter Chapman M55 SO
Dawn Figg W50 PFO
Mo Fitzpatrick W50 SO
Clive Harper M55
Clive Hawkes M60 SO
Blyda Hefer W45 SLOW
Rob Hick M60 WSX
Alan Hickling M55 SAX
David Hodson M55 HH
Chris Hooker M60 SO
Marc Owen M50 BOF
Alan Velecky M55 SO
Andy Ward M60 SO
Clive Wilkinson M60 SUFFOC
Robin Wilson M60 SO
Course 4 Age Category Club
Danni Angelova W55 DFOK
Karen Ashworth W55 SO
Carolyn Dent W60 BOK
John Duffield M75 HH
Mike Frizzell M65 BADO
Samantha Gibson W55 SO
Geoff Goodwin M70 DFOK
Andrew Hannaford M65 SO
Georgia Harmsworth W35 SLOW
Sue Hartley W65 WAOC
Viv Hodson W55 HH
Amy Hulley W21 SO
Tim Hulley M60 SO
Christopher Kelsey M65 BOK
David LeFevre M65 DFOK
Don McKerrow M70 SLOW
Michael Merritt M65 SO
Clare Milsom W55
Camille Py W20
Alex Roach M21 SLOW
David Roach M65 SLOW
Alan Rosen M65 HH
Ian Sayer M70 WSX
Nicola Trotman W55 HH
Sally Wilkinson W55 SUFFOC
Course 5 Age Category Club
Julie Astin W70 WSX
Anthony Barrable M75 RAFO
Jasmine Bennett W70 SO
Sheila Gold W65 WSX
Linda Hulley W65 SO
Helen Kelsey W65 BOK
Roger Maher M85 SO
Ursula Oxburgh W85 WAOC
Maggie Roach W65 SLOW
Janet Rosen W65 HH
Course 6 Age Category Club
Ben Chapman M14 SO
Emma Chapman W12 SO
Daniel MukTao Tam M10 HH
Darrio MukYiu Tam M12 HH
Davis MukHim Tam M14 HH