North Ashdown Christmas Score

Wednesday 27th December

Entries close Tuesday 26th December

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Entries close 20:00 on 26th Dec

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Entered: 36
Driver of a vehicle:14 of 80

60 minute score
Entered: 30

45 minute score
Entered: 6

Event Information

SO Juniors Free
SO juniors enter for free using the special discount code. Email the event organiser if you don't know this code.

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Start List
60 minute score Age Category Club
Nick Barrable M45 SYO
Jasmine Bennett W70 SO
Amaryllis Campbell W65 SO
Fiona Clough W60 BKO
Julie Collins W60 DFOK
Mark Collins M60 DFOK
Rachel Collins W21 DFOK
Jon Cross M55 FVO
Dave Cussens M70 SO
Ian Ditchfield M65 MV
Simon Dunkley M55 SN
Scarlet Heap W20 SO
Stanley Heap M21 SO
Tommy Heap M18 SO
Will Heap M50 SO
Katarina Hill W18 SO
Maya Hill W16 SO
Zoe Hill W18 SO
Chris Hooker M60 SO
Jane King W65 SO
Roger Maher M85 SO
Jolyon Medlock M45 WSX
Lyra Medlock W16 WSX
Derick Mercer M55 BKO
Ruth Rhodes W80 SO
Marie Claire Shankland W55 FVO
Kate Turner W50 SO
Mike Turner M70 SO
David Wilson M80 SO
David Young M70 SO
45 minute score Age Category Club
Finnian Luck M16
Rafferty Luck M14
Romilly Luck W12
Patrick Maher M85 SO
Celine Stedman W14
Yasmine Stedman W12