Netley 10K 2024

Sunday 19th May

Netley Abbey Runners, welcome you to their inaugural event, the course will be familiar to previous competitors with some small changes to offer a great race experience for all. All runners will receive a finishers memento!
Netley 10km race consists of a 3 laps (roads and paths) within the picturesque grounds of the Royal Victoria Country Park. The course is relatively fast with a small incline on each lap.The course is on traffic free roads and marshalled throughout the course, with accurate chip timing.

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Entered: 255 of 600

Car Sharing available

Entry Fees
UKA Affiliated Entry £20
Non Affiliated Entry £22
Booking Fee: £1.25
Race Information

Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley Abbey, Southampton SO31 5DQ.

Car Parking and Facilities
Marshals will direct you to one of the BBQ fields for free parking. RVCP has kindly requested that the main park car parks are reserved for normal park users.

To protect the environment please car share, use public transport or cycle when possible. If you park outside the park please park responsibly.

No changing facilities, other than toilet blocks. Toilet opening times - main toilet block, opens 8am.

The Start
The race starts at 9.30 am.

Race HQ
Will be located in the field by the chapel - what3words location to follow.

Race numbers, with timing chips, to be collected on the day from Race HQ which will be open from 8:00.

Start and Finish
The start and finish locations will be close to race HQ - details to follow

Drink Stations
There will be one water station enroute and one at the finish line.

Bag Drop
There will be no official bag drop, but clubs are welcome to put up tents in the field.

UKA License number: TBC, Cert of Course Accuracy: TBC

EA rules state that on a multi-lap course no headphones not even bone conducting headphones are allowed.

Use of wheelchairs and other equipment
All dogs, Baby joggers, baby strollers, skateboards, sticks, rollerblades, unauthorized bicycles or any other wheeled device will not be permitted on the course. The event is not safe for wheelchair athletes.

All finishers will receive a memento.

Trophies and prizes will be presented to each of the following categories:

  • Overall 1st, 2nd 3rd Male
  • Overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd Female
Then 1st only for the following:
  • Senior Male, V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65, V70, V75
  • Senior Female, V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65, V70, V75

Route Map and Elevation Chart to follow.

For UKA Anti-Doping requirements and procedures: Click Here. This is applicable to all competing members of UKA.

Netley 10K is part of the Hampshire Road Race League.

Transferring your place to someone else
To transfer your entry to someone else, log in to the race sign up page, tap Transfer and provide the email address of the person you are transferring to.

All transfers must be completed by midnight Tuesday 14th May!

Age Requirement
In accordance with UKA Rules you must be aged 17 or more on the day of the race.

Start List
UKA Club Other Club
Annette Ablitt Portsmouth Joggers Club
Peter Abrahams Fareham Running Club
Clive Agate Winchester Running Club
Emin Akbay Eastleigh RC
Christopher Allen Farnham Runners
Tim Anderson Winchester Running Club
Lydia Andrews Alton Runners
Wayne Andrews Hedge End RC
Mick Anglim Hardley Runners
Marcus Appleby Overton Harriers & AC
Emily Arbuthnot Overton Harriers & AC
Steve Armstrong Liss RC
John Ayling Fareham Running Club
Cerilan Bailey Portsmouth Joggers Club
Kevin Balfour Eastleigh RC
Dawn Banting Denmead Striders
Michael Barker Gosport Road Runners
Rob Barlow Totton RC
Robbie Barlow Totton RC
Richard Barrett
Sarah Barron Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Ruth Bartlett Lordshill Road Runners
Ellen Bealing Overton Harriers & AC
Mark Bicknell Denmead Striders
Deborah Birch Gosport Road Runners
Peter Birch Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sophie Black Winchester Running Club
James Blackburn Hedge End RC
Ann-Marie Bonwick Holly Hill Runners
Ian Bradley Hedge End RC
Tim Bramly Portsmouth Joggers Club
Louise Bridges Fareham Running Club
Samuel Brooks Fareham Running Club
Katie Brothers Overton Harriers & AC
Andy Brown Liss RC
Caroline Brown Liss RC
Ben Bryson
Jo Bryson Holly Hill Runners
Andy Budgell City of Salisbury A & RC
Jonathan Bye Isle Of Wight RR AC
Edward Cane City of Salisbury A & RC
Kim Carter Gosport Road Runners Absolute 5️⃣4️⃣5️⃣ RunClub
Nick Carter Absolute 5️⃣4️⃣5️⃣ RunClub
Ryan Carter Fareham Running Club
Deborah Casper Fareham Running Club
Edward Casper Fareham Running Club
Salvina Cawte Gosport Road Runners
Stephen Cawte Gosport Road Runners
Juliet Charles
Catherine Charman Holly Hill Runners
Alice Chisholm
Ivan Chunnett Farnham Runners
Vicky Clark City of Salisbury A & RC
James Clarke Farnham Runners
Richard Clifford Overton Harriers & AC
Sharon Clutton Gosport Road Runners
Chris Cockburn Overton Harriers & AC
Darren Cole Vectis Academy Race Team
Christian Coles Alton Runners
Joe Collins Farnham Runners
Tim Collins Denmead Striders
Ben Constable Portsmouth Joggers Club
Richard Cooper Lordshill Road Runners
Anjella Coote Portsmouth Joggers Club
Xanthe Coote Portsmouth Joggers Club Portsmouth joggers
Anita Crawley Denmead Striders
Brandon Cuell Fareham Running Club
Mark Cunningham Netley Abbey Runners
Pete Curtis Winchester Running Club
Elizabeth Darling Holly Hill Runners
Tanya Davis Totton RC
Evan de Wet Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Michael Deller Denmead Striders
Sarah Deller Fareham Running Club
Lauren Dennison Overton Harriers & AC
Julie Dinwoodie Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Charlotte Dollery Isle Of Wight RR AC
Rachel Dryden Hamwic Harriers
Saul Duck Winchester Running Club
Katie Edmonds Denmead Striders
Emma Ellis Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Shirley Faichen Gosport Road Runners
Alice Fenlon Hedge End RC
Stacey Flanagan Ryde Harriers
Matt Fletcher Isle Of Wight RR AC
Charles Fox New Forest Runners
Lindsay Francis Holly Hill Runners
Caroline Freeman Alton Runners
Elizabeth Galbraith Ryde Harriers
Jonathan Gardiner Fareham Running Club
David Gervais City of Salisbury A & RC
Gill Goodwin Winchester Running Club
Steve Goodwin Winchester Running Club
Mike Gordon Totton RC
Sarah Gordon Totton RC
Jane Grant #RWR
Sarah Gurney Winchester Running Club
Karen Hale RWR
Carl Hall Hardley Runners
Sarah Hall Hardley Runners
Laura Harding Liss RC
Mark Hargreaves City of Portsmouth AC
Brian Harris Denmead Striders
Paul Harvey Itchen Spitfires RC
Jacqueline Healy Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Lorraine Hedworth Winchester Running Club
Laura Herridge Netley Abbey Runners
John Hibbert Eastleigh RC
Sandra Hickey Farnham Runners
Louise Higgs Lordshill Road Runners
Oliver Hill Portsmouth Joggers Club
Louise Hillier-Wheal Solent Running Sisters
Abbe Hogan
Karen Holden Ryde Harriers
Paul Horler Winchester Running Club
Katie Horton Eastleigh RC
George Howarth Stubbington Green Runners & AC
James Hughes Fareham Running Club
Simon Ibbotson Hardley Runners
Hannah Ingram
Jonathan Isherwood Fareham Running Club
Aaron Jackson Fareham Running Club
Joanna James Overton Harriers & AC
Ben Jarvis Fareham Running Club
Jayne Jefferies Liss RC
Sam Jeffery Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Samantha Johnson Ryde Harriers
Amanda Jones Totton RC
Glenda Jones Portsmouth Joggers Club
Jamie Jones Fareham Running Club
Mark Jones Totton RC
Michael Jones Overton Harriers & AC Welsh Masters
Paul Judge Liss RC
Jasmine Kalton Overton Harriers & AC
Anthony Kendrick Totton RC Totton Running club
Bridget Keyte Isle Of Wight RR AC
Tim Keyte Isle Of Wight RR AC
James Kidwell Alton Runners
Andy King Itchen Spitfires RC
David Kinloch Hedge End RC
Cathy Kinnear Winchester Running Club
Halszka Konieczek Overton Harriers & AC
Sarah-jayne Law Fareham Running Club
Lucie Lawton Hart Road Runners
Gina Ledger Portsmouth Joggers Club
James Lee Fareham Running Club
Tony Lees Totton RC
Kelly Lincoln Farnham Runners
Magdalena Lindert
Carolyn Littleton Isle Of Wight RR AC
Chris Lumb Fareham Running Club
Gemma Maddocks Ryde Harriers
Neil Martin Overton Harriers & AC
Steven Matty Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Dave Maule Eastleigh RC
Trevor McAlister Ryde Harriers
Louis McCann Overton Harriers & AC
Sarah McCann Overton Harriers & AC
Gary McCawley Denmead Striders
Rachel McCormac
Eileen McDowell
Andrew Meredith Denmead Striders
Spencer Meyer Eastleigh RC
Jim Moore
Paula Moore Holly Hill Runners
Ann Morgan Hedge End RC
Sammy Morris Lordshill Road Runners Lordshill
Karwan Moutasim Hardley Runners
Rachel Muckelt Denmead Striders
Josh Murray Hamwic Harriers
Bridget Naylor Farnham Runners
Dulcie Newbrook
David Noble Denmead Striders
Jane Nockemann Portsmouth Joggers Club
Ken Oatley Ryde Harriers
Carrie Oliver Winchester Running Club
Steve Oliver Winchester Running Club
James Page Fareham Running Club
Leanne Page
Sharon Palmer Totton RC
Harry Pannell City of Salisbury A & RC
Amy Panther Liss RC
Jenny Parks Denmead Striders
Andy Paton Liss RC
Manuela Patzelt Overton Harriers & AC
Ray Peckham Fareham Running Club
Bob Pentland Portsmouth Joggers Club
Debbie Pentland Portsmouth Joggers Club
Ric Pike Winchester Running Club
Matt Pillinger Lordshill Road Runners
Dean Pollard Fareham Running Club
Claire Procter Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Stacey Read Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Elizabeth Redpath Gosport Road Runners
John Reed Winchester Running Club
Peter Reilly New Forest Runners
Graeme Ridler Overton Harriers & AC
June Roberts Eastleigh RC
Martin Robinson Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Natalie Rose Ryde Harriers
Emily Sadler Run With Rach
Gav Saunders Liss RC
Katie Savage Fareham Running Club
Jane Scrase Alton Runners
Catherine Seager Liss RC
Jack Seifert Fareham Running Club
Sarah Sharp Isle Of Wight RR AC
Sarah Shedden Winchester Running Club
David Shepherd Lordshill Road Runners
Mat Sibley Denmead Striders
Lisa Slight Fareham Running Club
Lisa Small Hedge End RC
Julian Smith New Forest Runners
Mike Smith Hardley Runners Vegan Runners
Olenka Snell Eastleigh RC
Jan Southon Fareham Running Club
Maria Sparks Hedge End RC
Claire Spencer Overton Harriers & AC
Gary Stafford
Reece Stafford
Paul Street Gosport Road Runners
Jeffrey Streeter Denmead Striders
Jack Stroulger Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Matthew Tanner Hardley Runners
Dom Tarrant New Forest Runners
Linda Taylor Denmead Striders
Martyn Taylor Fareham Running Club
Graham Thompson Ryde Harriers
Michael Toomey Hedge End RC
Rebecca Toomey Lordshill Road Runners
Alan Tulip Winchester Running Club
Andrew Turner Liss RC
Linda Tyler Farnham Runners
Ann-Marie Vanderplank Totton RC
Darrell Waite Andover & District AC
David Walker Winchester Running Club
Brian Warren Ryde Harriers
Richard Webley Alton Runners
Amy Webster Isle Of Wight RR AC
Kirstin Westover runTLC
Ethan Wheatley
Elizabeth White Totton RC
Gemma Whitehouse Farnham Runners
Caroline Whiting Denmead Striders
Esma Williams Itchen Spitfires RC
Paula Williams Fareham Running Club
Jodie Wilmott Ryde Harriers
Dave Wilson Hardley Runners
Rob Wilson Denmead Striders
Chris Winbourne Hedge End RC
Matthew Wiper Isle Of Wight RR AC
Karen Woodman Hamwic Harriers
Lucy Wyld Ryde Harriers
Hulya Yadsan-Appleby Overton Harriers & AC
Catherine Young Ryde Harriers