Copythorne Carnival Run 5k/10k

Monday 10th June

Entries close Tuesday 30th April

The 5k/10k Run will be staged on Monday 10th June 2024 at 19:30. There is a 5km and a 10km run around the village (10km is two laps). Entrants will get real-time chip timing and finisher medals.

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Entries close 23:59 on 30th Apr

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Entered: 430 of 500

Car Sharing available


2 laps of the course
Entry limit: 350
Entered: 218

A single lap
Entry limit: 350
Entered: 212

Entry Fees
    Entry Fee: £14.00
    Booking Fee: £1.25
    Entry Fee: £9.00
    Booking Fee: £1.25
Race Information

General Information
The 5k/10k Run will be staged on Monday 10th June 2024 at 19:30. There is a 5km and a 10km run around the village (10km is two laps). Race number collection will be available from 17:30 to 19:00 on the same evening and in advance at Up & Running in Chandlers Ford and the Copythorne Scout HQ the weekend before the event. Following on from the success of last year there will yet again be real-time chip timing and finisher medals.

There will be a barbecue run by the Explorer Scouts with hot dogs and burgers on sale before, during and after the run and hot drinks from a barista. Our retail partner Up & Running will be there and they have very kindly provided the prizes.

Water will be provided on the route by local residents. At the finish line there will be water available for entrants to refill their own bottles in order to reduce the use of plastic.

Transfers will only be accepted once the respective distance has sold out. Entrants are responsible for handling the exchange of funds between each other. Deferrals and withdrawals will not be accepted.

The Route
A31 Romsey Road, Copythorne from Copythorne Scout HQ to its junction with Pollards Moor Road

Pollards Moor Road, Copythorne from its junction with A31 Romsey Road to its junction with Winsor Road

Winsor Road, Copythorne from its junction with Pollards Moor Road to its junction with Barrow Hill Road. A short out and back section along Winsor Road will ensure the course is the correct length.

Barrow Hill Road from its junction with Winsor Road to its junction with A31 Romsey Road and then back to the Scout Hut.

The 5k route ends at the Scout Hut whilst the 10k route then follows the 5k route for a second loop.

Copythorne (New Forest) 5k/10k Run
Start List
10k Club/Team Bib
Darren Anderson Totton
Vicky Aspin
Paul Baalham
Curtis Badley
Philip Bagley
Emma Bailey Romsey Road Runners
Kelly Bailey Chandlers Ford Community Running Group
Sara Bamberger Stubbington green runners
Stuart Bamberger Stubbington green runners
Dominic Barber
Karissa Barkat
Jacquie Barlow Totton
Rob Barlow Totton Running Club
Lucy Bartlett
Naomi Bates
Laura-Jayne Beadle
Dawn Biddlecombe
Richard Bingham Hardley Runners
Jane Blatch-Gainey The No Drama Llama Runners
Michael Booth Chandlers Ford Community Running Group
Stuart Booth Totton Running Club
Sally Bowering
Babs Bradley Totton Running Club
Ian Bradley Totton Running Club
Libby Brewin Southampton Triathlon Club
Samuel Brooks Fareham Running Club
Katharine Broomfield Hardley Runners
Colin Brown Eastleigh Running club
Craig Brown Lymington Tri club
James Browne Lordshill Road Runners
Rachel Browne Lordshill Road Runners
Annie Bruce-Low
Julie Burden
Heather Butcher New Forest Runners
Terry Byrne Yeovil Town RRC
Victoria Carcas
Abigail Caton
Rebecca Chambers Totton RC
Kelly Cheales
Matthew Cheales Romsey Road Runners
Mike Clark
James Clarke Farnham Runners
Fraser Cockeram Atlas
Jonathan Cook
Angelique Cooke
Ben Cooke
Kath Cooper Stubbington green runners
Richard Cooper Lordshill Road Runners
James Corbin Verwood Runners
Victoria Couzens Totton RC
Steve Cox Totton RC / Atlas Fitness
Alison Crooks Lordshill Road Runners
Nadine Cullum Atlas Fitness
John Curry Totton
Mike Curtis
Sarah Davis Lordshill Road Runners
Chris Dimmer
Teresa Dodkin Totton RC
Diana Dorrington St James Runners
Peter Doughty Westbourne RC
Emma Draper Lonely Goat
Mike Draper Lonely Goat
Allison Driver Totton Running Club
Mike Dukes Lordshill Road Runners
Roy Dyer Lordshill Road Runners
Claire Dyson Stubbington green runners
Sarah-Jayne Elliott Eastleigh
Peter Ellis Totton RC
Ryan Fisher
Matt Folds Littledown harriers
Charles Fox New Forest Runners
Rachel Fox Lordshill Road Runners
Marion Frewin New Forest Runners
Lou Frost New Forest Runners
Carys Gallagher Westbourne RC
Matt Gardner
Mike Gordon Totton RC
Matthew Goss Hamwic harriers
Stuart Gray
Clive Grewcock Westbourne RC
Jane Grieves 5K Pub Runners
Mark Halford
Melissa Halford
Theresa Hamer Itchen Spitfires Running Club
Adrian Hayes Totton Running Club
Jacqueline Healy Stubbington green runners
Mike Healy Stubbington green runners
Ed Heard Totton
Claire Henderson
John Hibbert Eastleigh Running club
Stuart Hiscock
Nina Hoadley Atlas
Debbie Hobbs
Sarah Hodges
Marc Holmes Southampton AC
Jessica Howell Fair Oak Running Club
Jane Hudson National Firefly Association
Martin Humphrey Waterside Runners
Carl Hussey BHAJ
Simon Ibbotson Hardley Runners
Colin Iggleden None
Elaine Jeffery Lordshill Road Runners
Ruth Jeffery OS Runners
Janine Jenkins Stubbington green runners
Sam Jenkins Verwood Runners
Callum Johnson Hardley Runners
Colin Johnson Lymington Triathlon Club
Helen Kellow-Webb Fair Oak Running Club
Clare Kelly New Forest Runners
Anthony Kendrick Totton Running Club
Andy King Itchen Spitfires Running Club
Simon King Totton RC
Amanda Kingsley
Adi Kingswell Waterside Runners
Steph Kirby Southampton Tri Club
Rob Lane
Marcus Lange
Carla Lashmar
Kirsty Lloyd-West
Andrew Long Jb fit
Paul Loveridge New Forest Runners
Ellie Maczka Itchen Spitfires Running Club
Richard Maiden Chandlers Ford Community Running Group
Leo Marshman
Paul Marshman
Kieren Mcewan Vegan Runners
Laura McKenzie Lordshill Road Runners
Michael Mehta
Andy Merrick
Glynne Miles
Alex Millard Coopervision Running Club
Alison Mills
Tyrone Monteith
Harry Morris Atlas Fitness
Sam Morris
Sammii Morris Atlas Fitness
Sammy Morris Lordshill Road Runners
Francesca Musgrove New Forest Runners
Keith Nutburn
Justine Otoole
Glynne Parsons Stubbington green runners
Felicity Patterson
Lawrence Pearman Itchen Spitfires
Sami Pearman-Kanza Itchen Spitfires
Grace Pearson
Dan Piernicki
Brenda Radford
Mark Radley Atlas Fitness
Debbie Raney
Jon Raney
Kate Rasell
Kerry Rayment Solent Running Sisters
Lee Rayment Chandlers Ford Community Running Group
Henrietta Rayner
Milly Rayner City of Salisbury
Stacey Read Stubbington green runners
Nathan Rendell Atlas Fitness
Claire Richardson Solent Running Sisters
Gavin Riley Verwood Runners
Stuart Risby
Michelle Ritchie Bad Boy Running
Daniel Robinson
Kevin Robinson
Carl Schafer Stubbington green runners
Mario Sheath New Forest Runners
Neil Shepherd Verwood Runners
Rob Sherrington Romsey Road Runners
Gillian Shutler Stubbington green runners
Dace Sidere CooperVision
Becky Sims Hamwic harriers
Beverley Sketcher
Colin Sketcher
Agnieszka Skrzynska
Edmund Skrzynski
Vanessa Small
Emily Smith Lordshill Road Runners
Tamsyn Smith Lordshill Road Runners
Patricia Spodzieja Totton Running Club
Luke Stanton Hiltingbury long distance runners
Jess Steinborn-Busse Romsey Road Runners
Linden Stocker Lordshill RC/Atlas
Lizzy Stocker New Forest Runners
Ollie Stone City of Salisbury Athletics & Running Club
Ian Swain New Forest Runners
Aaron Swann Southampton Tri Club
Sue Sylvester Romsey Road Runners
Jenny Symons Totton RC / Atlas Fitness
Dom Tarrant New Forest Runners
Nicki Taylor Hamwic harriers
Nicola Taylor Hamwic harriers
Paul Taylor Running Punks
Kerry Taylor-Trueman
Janet Townsend New Forest Runners
Nick Tubb
Amber Tudor
Rachel Tuffin
Holly Turner
Warren Turvey Everett troop
Michael Unsted Hiltingbury long distance runners
Adam Vincent
Mike Wainwright None
Michelle Walter New Forest Runners
Jeremy Watts
Lara Webster Eastleigh Running club
Hayley Weston Romsey Road Runners
John Wheatley Romsey Road Runners
Tony Wheeler
Elizabeth White Totton Running Club
Neil White Totton Running Club
Adam Wilkinson Totton RC
Amy Williams Waterside Runners
Jo Wilson Chandlers Ford Community Running Group
Karen Woodman Hamwic harriers
Catherine Woods Lordshill Road Runners
Jenny Wooldridge Chandlers Ford Community Running Group
Lee Wren
Jim Wright
Mark Young Verwood Runners
5k Club/Team Bib
Nick Adams
Christopher Alexander
Vicky Alford
Mark Anderson Chandlers Ford Community Running Group
Ivanila Atanasova Atlas
Andrew Bailey
David Barratt Team Beaverling
Janet Barratt
Evie Barrow
Lucy Barrow
Lucy Basketfield Hardley Runners
Lindsay Bateman Waterside Runners
Clare Bayliss Totton run club
Ané Beatty
Lance Beatty
Miles Beatty
Natasha Beatty
Libby Beevers Waterside Runners
Joanna Belton
Rhiannon Bennett Waterside Runners
Clarissa Blignaut TMR Southampton
Charleen Bole
Anna Bonaer New Forest Juniors
Charmaine Booth
Indie Booth New Forest Juniors
Sarah Brierley Chandlers Ford Community Running Group
Rick Burt
Rachel Byers
John Calvert Waterside Runners
Matt Casey Hardley Runners
Justin Churcher Southampton Triathlon
Jayne Clarke
Joanne Cleal Waterside Runners
Greg Coak
Charlie Coles City of Salisbury
Eleanor Colman New Forest Canicross / GoodGym Southampton
Leah Constable Cfcrg
Jo Conway This Mims Run
Freddie Corlass
Tyler Coulson
Aaron Daly
Hannah Darling Team Beaverling
Elizabeth Davey
Kathryn Davies Lordshill Road Runners
Jared Deverill-West
Sarah Deverill-West
Natalie Dixey Atlas
Ian Dodkin Totton RC
Carolyn England
Lesley Everitt
Andrew Fletcher MBA
Ellis Fox Atlas Fitness
Joseph Fox Atlas Fitness
Louise Fox Atlas Fitness
Matthew Fox Atlas fitness ltd
Nathan Fox Atlas fitness ltd
Alfie Freeman
Emma Freeman
Finley Freeman
Scott Freeman
Laura French
Paul Gale Totton RC
Michelle Gammon Totton Running Club
Sarah Ging New Forest Runners
Becky Glenn
Issy Goulding Wadac
Mike Goulding 5th Winchester scouts
Joss Green
Lisa Green Totton
Ted Green
Shaun Grieves Totton Running Club
Carl Hall Hardley Runners
Sarah Hall Hardley Runners
Mae Hargreaves
William Hargreaves
Jack Harris
Matthew Hayward CooperVision
Dawn Heppell Lordshill Road Runners
Helen Herman-Bonaer Totton Running Club
Anne Hibbert
Jeanette Hiscocks Totton Running Club
Beth Hobbs None
Ben Hoggarth
Fiona Hoggarth Lonely Goat
Hayley Holden Canicross new forest
Anne Horn Chandlers Ford Community Running Group
Samantha Hoyles Romsey Road Runners
Joanne Ingledew coak
Harriet Innes
Alex Jennings
Lee Jennings
David Johns Bootcamp Uk Southampton
Kirsty Joisce
Emma Jones
Jane Jones
Matthew Jones
Rhys Jones
Mathew Kelsey Waterside Runners
Pauline Kelsey Waterside Runners
Nicola King
Sophia King
Louise Kitcher Hardley Runners
Mark Kitcher
Julie Lacey Chandlers Ford Community Running Group CFCRG
Kate Lee Atlas
Arabella Lee-Elliott
Marlene Letheren
Ben Lewis Lordshill Road Runners
Pamela Lewis New forest Canicross.. ( but dogless )
Debbie Lloyd Hamwic harriers
Emilia Loades
Imogen Loades
Tonya Loades
Emma Lockey Totton Running Club
Jayne Lycett
Anna Macdonald
Ben Macdonald
Kelly Maiden Chandlers Ford Community Running Group
Erin Maidment
Fin Maidment
Hayley Maidment
Richard Maidment
Andy Mansfield Totton Running Club
Caitlin Markham-Smith
Damian Markham-Smith Hardley Road Runners
Amy Marsden
Mark Mathias Waterside Runners
James Matthews
Jess Matthews
Rebecca Matthews
Lyndsey Mcdonnell
Archie McGimpsey City of Salisbury Athletics & Running Club
Darren McGimpsey
Rita McGimpsey
Sam Messer Hardley Runners
Antonia Mintoff Lordshill Road Runners
Finley Mortimer
Lisi Mortimer
Anthony Mostran
Sian Motyer Totton RC
Louise Noyce
Thomas Noyce Cubs DYAK 2nd Copythorne
John O'Reilly
Lynn OByrne Waterside Runners
Cameron Oliver Scouts - King Troop
Caroline Oliver
Daniel Oliver
Rebecca Oliver
Sophie Oliver
Jayne O`Doherty
Aaron O’Reilly
James Peckham Hardley Runners
Martin Pegler Fareham Running Club
Hayley Pike
Jonathan Pillinger-Cork Romsey Road Runners
Amanda Pinckney Totton Running Club
Max Pinckney New forest juniors ac
Susan Potts Waterside Runners
Kerry Rayner
Luca Rayner
Scott Redmill
Harry Reynolds Zulu Cub Pack
Rachael Reynolds
Carole Richardson
Alex Roach Everett Scouts
Ellie Roach Cadnam River
Melanie Roach
Harry Roberts
Pete Roberts
Tamsin Roberts Hardley Runners
Max Robinson
Gina Rodbourne Chandlers Ford Community Running Group
Alice Rudd Hardley Runners
Sandie Rudd
Paul Rumble
Yzara Rumble
Paul Scott Rocked Up
Helena Shaw Totton Running Club
Tom Shrimpton
Andrew Simpson 17 Port and Maritime veteran runners
Lindsey Simpson 17 Port and Maritime veteran runners
Albert Skrzynski
Marek Skrzynski
Maxine Slade New Forest Runners
Duncan Smith Verwood Runners
Sarah Smith Verwood Runners
Theo Smith
Toby Smith
Elizabeth Snoddon Waterside Runners
Claire Spencer New Forest Canicross
Lee Start Totton RC
Kate Stride
Katie Stride New Forest Runners
Ann-Marie Vanderplank Totton RC
Lindsay Vivier
Matthew Vivier
Lizzie Weavers Team Beaverling
Robert Wells Hardley Runners
Esme White City of Salisbury
Kerry Whitfield
Keith Whitten Totton Running Club
Kirsty Williams
Hannah Willson Southampton AC
Nicholas Willson Lordshill running club
Ness Wilson
Paul Wilson
Rebecca Wood
Lauren Wortley Waterside Runners
David Wright
Hannah Wright Hardley Running Club
Corinne Maria Wyatt
Kevin Wyatt