Festive Frolic - Levenhall Links

Saturday 30th December

For longer than most of us can remember ELO have put on a fun orienteering event between Christmas and New Year. As well as finding the controls there has been a puzzle to add to the challenge. A mass start, a social gathering and a lively prize giving have made up for a great way to work off some of the Christmas excesses.

This year’s Festive Frolic at Levenhall Links on Saturday 30th December will be fun and challenging.
Levenhall Links is not a technically difficult area, it is a good one for a bit of easy running around but there will be a festive twist to the proceedings!

There is a single score course which has controls accessible to everyone.
Contact: events@elo.org.uk

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Entry Fees
  • Senior: £8.00 / £10.00
  • Junior: £4.00 / £5.00
Pairs and Groups
  • £8.00 / £10.00

The lower fee applies to members of the Scottish Orienteering Association or British Orienteering who enter by TBC (when we order the maps)!

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

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