Purbrook Ladies 5 2024

Sunday 9th June

Organised by Portsmouth Joggers Club, this is a friendly ladies only race attracting both competitive club runners and beginners looking for race experience. Open to ladies aged 18 and over, there is no upper age limit!
The Purbrook Ladies 5 mile road race is a single lap course run on quiet country lanes, starting and finishing at Purbrook Heath, approximately 3 miles north of Portsmouth. There are changing facilities within the cricket pavilion and refreshments and cake will be available after the race. The race starts at 09:30am.
Contact: ladies5@pjc.org.uk

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Entry Fees
The entry fee is £16 for UK Athletics members and £18 for others. There is a £1.50 booking fee which is non-refundable.
Race Information

Race numbers
Race numbers will be available for collection from 8.15-9.15 from race HQ. Please ensure you fill in the back of your number with next of kin and medical information.

Race timings
The race starts at 09:30am with the start being a 5-10 minute walk away from race HQ. Please assemble on the green in front of the pavilion at 9.15 am for a final race briefing and pre race photo.

The race is marshalled solely by volunteers from Portsmouth Joggers and friends. Please thank them during the race as without them, this event would not be possible.

Transferring your place
How to transfer your entry to someone else:

  1. From this page, login to Racesignup (by tapping Manage Entry or Enter Now)
  2. Scroll down to the "Your Entries" panel where you will see an orange Transfer button against your name. Tap that Transfer button.
  3. Provide the email address of the person who is taking your place
  4. They will get an email with instructions on how to take up their place. You will get a copy of that email.
Please note that you are responsible for any transaction between you and the person taking your place.

Taking up a transferred entry
When someone transfers their entry to you, you will receive an email with a transfer code:

  1. From this page, login to Racesignup (by tapping Manage Entry or Enter Now)
  2. If you don't yet have a Racesignup account you will be prompted to create one.
  3. Above the Sign Up panel you will see a green button: "I have a transfer code". Tap that button and enter your code.
  4. If your code is validated, tap on your name in the Sign Up panel and complete the entry form.
  5. You will get an email confirming that your entry has been made.

Start List
UKA Club
Annette Ablitt Portsmouth Joggers Club
Megan Adams
Kerry Adaway Victory AC
Sarah Aldridge
Claire Alison Thompson Fareham Running Club
Julie Allan
Becki Allman Hedge End RC
Lesley Anderson Chichester Runners & AC
Amber Ankinson Victory AC
Jodie Anthony
Kerry Arnott Gosport Road Runners
Melanie Bagwell Gosport Road Runners
Julie Ball Victory AC
Sara Bamberger Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Suzanne Bamborough
Leoni Barber
Joy Barker
Olivia Barker
Susan Barker Gosport Road Runners
Sarah Barron Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Lauren Bellamy
Fran Bennett Fareham Running Club
Ashleigh Berryman Baffins Fitclub
Franky Biles Fareham Running Club
Alice Bird
Susan Blake
Naomi Blanchard
Jo Blanden Portsmouth Triathletes
Susan Bonnar
Ann-Marie Bonwick
Sarah Borrett
Mary-Jayne Bosley Vegan Runners
Marie Bowers Gosport Road Runners
Amanda Boyle
Sophie Bradwell Portsmouth Joggers Club
Lexi Brannigan Fareham Running Club
Louise Bridges Fareham Running Club
Helen Brooker Hatch Warren Runners
Brontè Brown
Kerry Brown Fareham Running Club
Kim Browne
Jo Bryson
Rachel Buckle
Helen Bulbeck
Sue Burley
Laura Burns Baffins Fitclub
Alyson Burt
Lisa Burt Portsmouth Triathletes
Nicola Carlile
Miranda Carrick
Deborah Casper Fareham Running Club
Susannah Cater
Claire Caunt
Jamie Chandler Victory AC
Tina Chantrey Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Catherine Charman
Gemma Clarke Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sarah Clarke Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sue Clarke Portsmouth Joggers Club
Debbie Cleasby
Sharon Clutton Gosport Road Runners
Trudi Cocks
Eloise Collier
Zoe Collier
Jane Collins Portsmouth Joggers Club
Hayley Connor
Kery Connor-Edwards
Anjella Coote Portsmouth Joggers Club
Xanthe Coote Portsmouth Joggers Club
Ros Cowdry
Lucy Cowlin Victory AC
Lauren Cox
Sam Cox
Fern Crabtree
Sonia Crisp Vegan Runners
Irene Cruickshank Portsmouth Joggers Club
Julie Daniel
Claire Davies
Deborah De leeuw
Caroline Delooze Gosport Road Runners
Fiona Diamond
Julie Dinwoodie Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Hannah Donnarumma
Lorraine Down Gosport Road Runners
Wendy Duff
Krystle Duke
Becky Dunning
Claire Dyson Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Sophie Easton
Katie Edmonds Denmead Striders
Sue Edmonds
Jasmine Edwards
Katie Elliot-Smith
Claire Ellis Portsmouth Joggers Club
Nicola Ellis
Sophie Ellis
Maisie Elshaw Gosport Road Runners
Wendy England
Jo Evans Portsmouth Joggers Club
Nicola Evans
Sarah Evans Hatch Warren Runners
Vicki Evans Portsmouth Joggers Club
Emily Ewens
Laura Farmer
Lisa Felstead Portsmouth Joggers Club
Dawn Fielding
Michelle Finnighan
Kim Fish
Pam Fisher
Lou Formby
Penny Forse Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Beth Francis
Lindsay Francis
Lucy Fryer
Sarah Gardiner Lonely Goat RC
Isabel Gardner Portsmouth Joggers Club
Laura Gee
Abi Gibbard
Gail Gibbens
Nicola Gibbs
Melissa Giles
Zoe Gill Victory AC
Vicki Gleed
Samantha Goodchild Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sue Gordon
Clare Gosling
Heather Graham Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Kirstie Graham
Nicky Green Hatch Warren Runners
Hazel Grice
Louise Griffin Vegan Runners
Samantha Griffiths
Charlotte Grimwood
Laura Grimwood
Wendy Gulliver
Kayleigh Gyles Denmead Striders
Hollie Hallibone
Karen Hamilton
Claire Hanrahan Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Belinda Harding Victory AC
Karen Harding Gosport Road Runners
Cathy Harman Gosport Road Runners
Hester Harris Portsmouth Triathletes
Nikki Harris
Fiona Harrison
Caroline Harwood Fareham Running Club
Carrie Haunstrup Baffins Fitclub
Alexandra Head Fareham Running Club
Sara Heath Victory AC
Ruth Heatherley
Patience Heritage
Paula Hickey
Gemma Hillier Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Helen Hitchings Portsmouth Triathletes
Lisa Hotten Hatch Warren Runners
Nicole Houghton
Karen Hudson
Lucy Hudson Gosport Road Runners
Sandra Humphrey
Sue Hyson Portsmouth Joggers Club
Ali Irwin
Amanda Jackson
Lisa Jakins Gosport Road Runners
Mary Jeffery
Claire Jeffrey
Hannah Jeffrey
Hazel Jenkinson Victory AC
Samantha Jennings
Claire Johnson Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Joanne Johnson Hedge End RC
Gissele Jones Portsmouth Joggers Club
Glenda Jones Portsmouth Joggers Club
Jacquie Jones Baffins Fitclub
Michelle Jones Victory AC
Helen Keppel-Compton
Sarah-Jane Keteku
Jacqueline King
Louisa Knight Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Rebecca Knowles Baffins Fitclub
Tina Kwok Fareham Running Club
Emily Lambert
Nicola Lawrence Hatch Warren Runners
Nikki Lawson
Gina Ledger Portsmouth Joggers Club
Jenner Lewis
Miranda Line
Joanne Lodder
Jennifer Lown Victory AC
Linzi Lown
Emma Lynam Portsmouth Joggers Club
Vikki Mackman
Andrea Madgwick
Tillie Madgwick Denmead Striders
Harriet Manning Fareham Running Club
Wendy Mannion Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Yasmine Mante
Debbie Marks Portsmouth Joggers Club
Angie Maslin
Abigail Massey
Kerry May Vegan Runners
Lucy May Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Denise McCaffray Portsmouth Joggers Club
Angela McLeod Portsmouth Joggers Club
Kirsty Meades
Penelope Meeking Portsmouth Triathletes
Lynne Meredith
Catherine Miller
Linda Miller
Nicola Miller
Caroline Moakes
Rebecca Moakes
Anji Montgomery
Shelley Moodie
Paula Moore
Karen Morby Gosport Road Runners
Amie Morgan Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Kelly Morgan
Tonia Morrell Gosport Road Runners
Samantha Morris Denmead Striders
Yvonne Morris
Kate Morrison
Nikki Moxham Gosport Road Runners
Cate Mullen Vegan Runners
Hannah Musker
Iza Nadathur
Louise Newman Portsmouth Joggers Club
Natalie Newman
Karen Nichols Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Louise Nicholson Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Maggie Nitsch
Jennifer Norman
Sarah Northcott Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Emma Noyce Gosport Road Runners
Laura Olsen Baffins Fitclub
Elizabeth Osborne Baffins Fitclub
Gail Osborne Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Lauren Owens
Paula O’Mahony
Jeanette O’Neill
Katy O’Rourke Portsmouth Joggers Club
Louise Parker
Soraya Parker
Heather Pascoe Hatch Warren Runners
Elizabeth Peters
Amanda Phelan Clanfield Joggers
Lauren Platts
Sarah Platts
Sarah Powney
Sue Powney
Lindsay Pratt Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Tess Pritchard Portsmouth Joggers Club
Hayley Pymont Clanfield Joggers
Michelle Randall
Hannah Rawlins
Kellee Read Gosport Road Runners
Honor Reader Gosport Road Runners
Linda Reeve
Claire Reid Hatch Warren Runners
Sue Reid
Lorna Richard
Amy Richardson
Laura Richardson Baffins Fitclub
Kerry Riches Fareham Running Club
Sue Robinson Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Kerrie Rockett
Bryony Rogerson
Laura Rolland Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Fran Rose
Lorraine Rowe Fareham Running Club
Amanda Rudkin Victory AC
Biddy Russell Gosport Road Runners
Raman Sangha Victory AC
Samantha Saunderson Portsmouth Joggers Club
Gill Savage
Rebecca Scott Gosport Road Runners
Emma Shepherd Fareham Running Club
Jenny Shilling Gosport Road Runners
Tracey Shimmen Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Samantha Shutler Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Darrelle Silverthorne Victory AC
Roxana Simcox
Amanda Simpson Baffins Fitclub
Bridget Smart Victory AC
Charlotte Smith Baffins Fitclub
Holly Smith Portsmouth Joggers Club
Jessica Smith Fareham Running Club
Lorna Smith Clanfield Joggers
Rachael Smith Portsmouth Joggers Club
Samantha Smith City of Portsmouth AC
Ellice Soloman Portsmouth Joggers Club
Siobhan Solomon
Jan Southon Fareham Running Club
Debbie Spicer Portsmouth Joggers Club
Carole Spratt
Beatrice St Matthew-Daniel
Sharon Stanford
Sarah Stone Portsmouth Joggers Club
Tracy Strydom
Helen Sumbler Portsmouth Joggers Club
Clara Sutton Fareham Running Club
Lucy Sutton Fareham Running Club
Eleanor Swain
Amanda Talbert Fareham Running Club
Donna Tatem Gosport Road Runners
Angela Taylor
Chantelle Taylor
Elaine Thomas
Gillian Thomas Gosport Road Runners
Jo Thompson Portsmouth Joggers Club
Annette Thorn
Carissa Thurston Portsmouth Joggers Club
Dianne Timbey Baffins Fitclub
Laura Tropman
Emma Trotman
Nicki Turner Victory AC
Sarah Turner Portsmouth Joggers Club
Melissa Tyrrell Gosport Road Runners
Karen Vaughan
Sarah Wade
Bethany Walker
Ginine Walker
Martine Walling
Beverly Walton
Denise Wardle
Corinne Warner
Sally Watford Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Beth Watson Fareham Running Club
Marie Watson Bayside Tri
Roz Weaver Gosport Road Runners
Catherine Webb Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Charlotte Webb
Michele Webb
Clare Welch Denmead Striders
Louise Wenman-James Portsmouth Joggers Club
Gemma West Fareham Running Club
Cathy Wheeler
Nicola White Gosport Road Runners
Sarah Whittle
Lucy Wilby Portsmouth Joggers Club
Caroline Williams Baffins Fitclub
Paula Williams Fareham Running Club
Gemma Willis
Zoe Windsor Gosport Road Runners
Jenny Winfield Fareham Running Club
Meranda Winter Portsmouth Joggers Club
Tammie Wisnia
Sian Wood Fareham Running Club
Alexandra Yorke
Joanna Yorke Gosport Road Runners
Amanda Young