PJC Summer Cross Country 2024

Wednesday 17th July

Wednesday 17th July at 7 pm. Approx 5 mile cross country route through Queen Elizabeth Country Park which includes chip timing.
Race registration and collection of race numbers between 5.30-6.50 pm on Wednesday 17th July 2024 from race HQ at the bottom field of QECP
Contact: sxc@pjc.org.uk

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Entry Fees
The entry fee is £18 for UK Athletics members and £20 for others. The £1.50 booking fee is non-refundable.
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How to transfer your entry to someone else:

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  2. Scroll down to the "Your Entries" panel where you will see a green Transfer button against your name. Tap that Transfer button.
  3. Provide the email address of the person who is taking your place
  4. They will get an email with instructions on how to take up their place. You will get a copy of that email.
Please note that you are responsible for any transaction between you and the person taking your place.

Taking up a transferred entry
When someone transfers their entry to you, you will receive an email with a transfer code:

  1. From this page, login to Racesignup (by tapping Manage my entry or Enter now)
  2. If you don't yet have a Racesignup account you will be prompted to create one.
  3. Above the Sign Up panel you will see a green button: "I have a transfer code". Tap that button and enter your code.
  4. If your code is validated, tap on your name in the Sign Up panel and complete the entry form.
  5. You will get an email confirming that your entry has been made.

Start List
UKA Club Other Club
Moss Abozid
Peter Abrahams Fareham Running Club
Kirsty Aked Denmead Striders
Terry Aked Denmead Striders
Tina Al-Romaithi Fareham Running Club
Scott Andrews
Matthew Angus Fareham Running Club
James Anson Fareham Running Club
Pete Arnold Portsmouth Joggers Club
Phil Avery Liss RC
Cerilan Bailey Portsmouth Joggers Club
Richard Bailey Fareham Running Club
Emma Baker-Chaplin Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Sara Bamberger Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Joy Barker Portsmouth Joggers Club
Mike Barnes Fareham Running Club
Fran Bennett Fareham Running Club
Mark Bicknell Denmead Striders
Alex Blake Denmead Striders
Emma Boakes Portsmouth Joggers Club
Rich Boakes Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sophie Bradwell Portsmouth Joggers Club
Ian Briscoe Baffins Fitclub
Joseph Brooks
Mark Brooks Fareham Running Club
Samuel Brooks Fareham Running Club
Kerry Brown Fareham Running Club
Rachel Buckle
Helen Bulbeck
Neil Bundey Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sam Butcher
Ruth Cantrill
Salvina Cawte Gosport Road Runners
Stephen Cawte Gosport Road Runners
Rubayat Choudhury Fareham Running Club
Ross Christie City of Portsmouth AC
Greg Clarke
Lewis Clarke
Roger Clarke Portsmouth Joggers Club
Dawn Cobbett Run Academy Worthing
Owen Cole Denmead Striders
Jack Collins Southsea Fell Runners
Anjella Coote Portsmouth Joggers Club
Becky Cowan
Ros Cowdry
Mark Crean-Allen Fareham Running Club
Irene Cruickshank Portsmouth Joggers Club
Terri Davis Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness
Michael Deller Denmead Striders
Sarah Deller Fareham Running Club
Samuel Dicks
Rebecca Dimblebee Fareham Running Club
Steven Drake Fareham Running Club
Wendy Duff
Lisa Duke Baffins Fitclub
Bradley Dunningham Portsmouth Joggers Club
Vincent Dunningham Portsmouth Joggers Club Portsmouth Joggers Club
Kiernan Easton Portsmouth Triathletes
Sophie Easton Portsmouth Triathletes Portsmouth Triathletes
Colin Edwards
Katie Elliot-Smith
Jasmine Evans Fareham Running Club
Vicki Evans Portsmouth Joggers Club
Shirley Faichen Gosport Road Runners
Rory Fall Gosport Road Runners
Nigel Feast Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Tom Frost Liss RC
Kevin Gale Denmead Striders
Michael Gilbert Portsmouth Triathletes
Sarah Gilbert Portsmouth Triathletes
Danielle Grant
Hazel Grice
Kayleigh Gyles Denmead Striders
Alex Hall Alton Runners
Katie Hall Portsmouth Joggers Club
Mich Hardie Portsmouth Joggers Club
Belinda Harding Victory AC
Michael Harrison Denmead Striders
Hannah Harsent Portsmouth Joggers Club
Andy Hartley Fareham Running Club
Caroline Harwood Fareham Running Club
Sam Hatherley Fareham Running Club
Belinda Haughton Fareham Running Club
Vicky Hayes
Terry Healy Victory AC
Stuart Hoare Denmead Striders
Andrew Holmes Fareham Running Club
Melissa Howell Portsmouth Joggers Club
Lucy Hudson Gosport Road Runners
Emlyn Hughes Fareham Running Club
Steve Hyson Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sue Hyson Portsmouth Joggers Club
David Isaac
Paul Jackson Fareham Running Club
Lisa Jakins Gosport Road Runners
Mark Jakins Gosport Road Runners
Rachel Jarvis Victory AC
Paul Jeffrey Portsmouth Joggers Club
Pauline Jeffrey Portsmouth Joggers Club
David Jennings Fareham Running Club
Vinh-Dieu Lam Portsmouth Joggers Club
Bekki Leaves Denmead Striders
Gina Ledger Portsmouth Joggers Club
James Lee Fareham Running Club
Kate Lewis Portsmouth Joggers Club
Emily Lillywhite iredale Midhurst Milers
Richard Linderman
Louise Long Alton Runners
Jonathan Loynes Portsmouth Joggers Club
Emma Lynam Portsmouth Joggers Club
Michael M-cobb@sky.com Portsmouth Joggers Club
Ellie Maczka Itchen Spitfires RC
Tillie Madgwick Denmead Striders
Julian Manning Denmead Striders
Lewis Marsh Victory AC
Ben Mason Portsmouth Joggers Club
Tanya Mason Portsmouth Joggers Club
Steven Matty Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Denise McCaffray Portsmouth Joggers Club
Alistair McNiff Victory AC
Erika Meades
Andrew Meredith Denmead Striders
Kevin Mills Itchen Spitfires RC
Rachel Mitchell Portsmouth Triathletes
Anji Montgomery HF Runners
Samantha Morris Denmead Striders
Kim Nelson Chichester Runners & AC
Andy Newcombe Denmead Striders
Mike Newnham Gosport Road Runners
Jackie Nicholson
Padhraic O Connor
Laura Olsen Baffins Fitclub
Libby Osborne Baffins Fitclub
Paul Osborne Baffins Fitclub
Lauren Owens Portsmouth Joggers Club
Katy O’Rourke Portsmouth Joggers Club
Philippa Paffett Portsmouth Joggers Club
Martyn Palmer Denmead Striders
Glynne Parsons Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Andy Paton Liss RC
Richard Pegden Liss RC
Matthew Pickup Portsmouth Joggers Club
Jake Pillans-Payne Haslemere Border AC
Dean Pollard Fareham Running Club
Phillip Prophett Fareham Running Club
Laura Quinn Portsmouth Joggers Club
Stacey Read Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Honor Reader Gosport Road Runners
Honor Reader Gosport Road Runners
Sean Reeve
Del Richards Wellingborough & District AC
Michelle Ritchie
Adrienne Robinson Portsmouth joggers
Abigail Rowlatt
Matthew Russell Denmead Striders
Athene Ryan Denmead Striders
Raman Sangha Victory AC
Katie Savage Fareham Running Club
Rebecca Scott Gosport Road Runners Gosport Road Runners
Gary Seaman
Fiona Shaw Baffins Fitclub
Mat Sibley Denmead Striders
Becky Sims Hamwic Harriers
Amy Sisson
Katie Slater Fareham Running Club
Lisa Slight Fareham Running Club
Alistair Smith Alton Runners
Holly Smith
Ellice Soloman Portsmouth Joggers Club Portsmouth Joggers Club
Jan Southon Fareham Running Club
Benjamin Stait Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sarah Stone Portsmouth Joggers Club
Nicola Stott Victory AC
George Sutherland Denmead Striders
Aaron Sutton Fareham Running Club
Linda Taylor Denmead Striders
Gillian Thomas Gosport Road Runners
Ben Thompson Run Walk Local Portsmouth
Jo Thompson Run Walk Local Portsmouth
Nicola Thorneycroft Liss RC
Neil Tolfrey Portsmouth Triathletes
Patrick Tuite Alton Runners
Martine Walling
Louise Wenman-James Portsmouth Joggers Club
Gemma West Fareham Running Club
Scott Western Victory AC
Natasha White Lonely Goat RC
Chris Wilby Portsmouth Joggers Club
Dave Williams Victory AC
Joel Williams
Rob Wilson Denmead Striders
Peter John Wirtzfeld Run Academy Worthing
Karis Yates Denmead Striders
Robin Yates Denmead Striders
Andrew Young Fareham Running Club HF Runners
Franklyn Young City of Salisbury A & RC
Michelle Young Fareham Running Club