Northern Nights Championship

Saturday 2nd March

Northern Night Champs return
EBORs next event is the Northern Night Champs with assembly at Swallow Hall Golf Club.
There will be food and drink available to purchase kindly put on by the golf club.
Prize giving will be around 8pm.
Anyone prepared to help, particularly control collecting, please contact the organiser for the 50% entry discount code.

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Entered: 71

Car Sharing available


Long 5.5km 10m climb
Senior Men M18, 20, 21,35
Senior Women W18, 20, 21,35
Veteran Men M40, 45,50
Veteran Women W40, 45, 50

Entry limit: 40
Entered: 29

Medium 3.9km 10m climb
All Men M55+ (MSV, MUV, MHV)
All Women W55+ (WSV, WUV, WHV)

Entry limit: 50
Entered: 31

Short 2.3km 10m climb
Non championship runners and M/W18- Juniors
Entry limit: 15
Entered: 8

Very Short 1.9km 5m climb
Non championship and novice runners
Entry limit: 10
Entered: 3

Entry Fees
From 5th January:
        Senior: £10.00
        Non BO member: £1.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Junior/Student: £5.00
        Junior/Student Chip hire: £0.50
From 25th February:
        Senior: £12.00
        Non BO member: £1.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Junior/Student: £6.00
        Junior/Student Chip hire: £0.50

Juniors are under 21 on race day.
EOD available (through RSU preferred ) subject to map availability.

Any helpers should obtain the helper discount code for a 50% reduction.
Event Information

At the Swallow Hall golf course club house YO19 4SG.
We are using the facilities at the golf course, Toilets, Lounge, Bar, Kitchen.
Please leave muddy gear outside.
Food and drink available. Food will be Sausage or Bacon butties, chips, cake etc. The bar will be open serving hot and cold drinks.

Approach Swallow Hall Golf course from the A19 south of York. At Crockey Hill traffic lights turn onto Wheldrake Lane. Swallow Hall is approximately 3.5km along Wheldrake Lane

Between 1815 and 1915, depending on daylight.

As close to 2000hrs as possible. Prizes for Age Group 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

To qualify for the Night Champs you have to enter the course for your age group, unless you want to ‘run up’ to a harder course than your age group.
There are courses for those who wish to run below the championship qualifying course.

More details on Eborienteers website
Start List
Long Name Age Category Start time
AIRE David Alcock M45 18:50:00
CLARO Vicky Bailey W21 18:20:00
EBOR Simon Caldwell M60 18:23:00
CLARO Will Drewe M40 18:40:00
CLARO Kevin Francis M40 18:24:00
EBOR Stuart Fraser M21 18:21:00
AIRE Ian Furlong M40 19:02:00
MDOC David Gray M45 18:47:00
LUUOC Amy Greener W21 18:45:00
EBOR Bryan Greener M50 19:01:00
AIRE Peter Haines M70 18:30:00
CLARO Quentin Harding M60 18:33:00
EPOC Emma Harrison W50 18:15:00
EBOR Helene Lecomte W45 19:03:00
SYO Robbie Lightfoot M16 19:07:00
CLOK Christopher Mackenzie M21 18:36:00
BAOC Graeme Macmillan M45 18:29:00
EBOR Andrew McRoyall M55 19:00:00
SELOC Edward Mellor M55 18:26:00
EBOR James Meredith M45 18:35:00
AIRE Dave Murgatroyd M35 18:38:00
BL Karen Parker W60 18:28:00
EBOR Ian Puckrin M50 18:25:00
WCOC Charlie Rennie M21 18:19:00
WCOC Daisy Rennie W18 18:18:00
WCOC Jamie Rennie M50 18:16:00
CLOK Alice Rigby W21 18:31:00
SROC Heather Roome W40 18:37:00
SYO Joe Taunton M35 18:17:00
Medium Name Age Category Start time
DEE Iain Bell M60 18:32:00
CLARO Andy Bowes M55 18:27:00
HALO Dave Brown M65 18:18:00
AIRE Chris Burden M75 18:37:00
HALO Mary Carrick W75 18:05:00
EBOR Karen Clark W65 18:34:00
SYO Ian Cooper M75 18:45:00
CLARO David Day M75 18:24:00
EBOR Carmen Elphick W50 18:26:00
SROC Jacqueline Embrey W65 18:15:00
SROC John Embrey M65 18:14:00
CLARO Timothy Evans M60 18:20:00
HALO Ricardo Fernandes M50 18:16:00
PFO Dawn Figg W55 18:28:00
CLARO Ruth Ker W55 18:33:00
EBOR Janet Leake W65 18:30:00
SYO Nicholas Lightfoot M60 19:10:00
AIRE Ian Marshall M60 18:25:00
SYO Henry Marston M75 18:17:00
CLOK Kenneth Olley M80 18:40:00
SYO Nigel Owens M55 18:42:00
EPOC Mike Pedley M60 18:35:00
CLOK David Riches M60 18:31:00
CLOK Carolyn Rigby W55 18:23:00
CLOK Richard Rigby M55 18:19:00
LOC Andy Robinson M70 18:22:00
LOC Christine Robinson W65 18:21:00
AIRE Howard Sawyer M70 18:38:00
EBOR Barrie Speake M80 18:36:00
NN Debby Warren W60 18:44:00
NN Julian Warren M60 18:29:00
Short Name Age Category Start time
HALO Pam Brown W65 18:17:00
CLOK Samuel Higginbotham M21 18:30:00
SYO Rebekah Huggins W21 18:23:00
EBOR Nev Myers M65 18:31:00
EBOR Arthur O`Toole M12 18:25:00
WCOC George Rennie M16 18:15:00
HALO Oliver Simmons M20 18:18:00
HALO Paul Simmons M70 18:21:00
Very Short Name Age Category Start time
EBOR Henry Gribble M12 18:35:00
HALO Patricia Simmons W70 18:20:00
EBOR Sheila Smith W75 19:00:00