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Sunday 18th February


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Entered: 63

Car Sharing available


Course 1 (Men Open)
Entered: 4

Course 2 (M20- M40+)
Entered: 3

Course 3 (Women Open)
Entered: 2

Course 4 (M50+)
Entered: 6

Course 5 (W20- W45+)
Entered: 6

Course 6 (M60+)
Entered: 11

Course 7 (M70+ W60+)
Entered: 16

Course 8A (M18-)
Entered: 3

Course 8B (W18-)
Entered: 2

Course 9A (M14-)
Entered: 2

Course 9B (W14-)
Entered: 2

Course 10 (M80+ W70+)
Entered: 6

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SO Juniors Free
SO juniors enter for free using the special discount code. Email the event organiser if you don't know this code.

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