Claro Guisecliff YHOA Superleague

Sunday 11th February

YHOA Superleague

Welcome to Nidderdale
FINAL DETAILS are on the website here

Please note that waterproof jackets, whistles and full leg cover are compulsory. Hat and gloves strongly advised.

Approach the event from Pateley Bridge as the road from Glasshouses is flooded. Also see the final details for closure of the A59

Pre-entries by Sunday 4 February 2024
Late entries, subject to map availability,
at a supplement up to Thurs 8 February 2024
Entries on the day available subject to map availability.

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YHOA Superleague

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Entered: 94

Car Sharing available


Yellow 1.4km 75m climb
For YHOA Superleague M/W 10-
Note that as this is a technical area shadowing of less experienced Yellow runners is recommended.

Entry limit: 5

Orange 1.6km 80m climb
YHOA Superleague M/W12
Entry limit: 8
Entered: 5

Light Green 2.8km 100m climb
YHOA Superleague M/W14
Entry limit: 4
Entered: 2

Very Short Green 2.0km 80m climb
YHOA Superleague M80+, W75, W80+
Entry limit: 10
Entered: 5

Short Green 2.6km 90m climb
YHOA Superleague M75, W65, W70
Entry limit: 30
Entered: 16

Green 3.5km 130m climb
YHOA Superleague M16, M65, M70, W16, W18, W20, W45, W50, W55, W60
Entry limit: 65
Entered: 36

Blue 5.1km 170m climb
YHOA Superleague M18, M20, M45, M50, M55, M60,W21, W35, W40
Entry limit: 45
Entered: 23

Brown 6.3km 200m climb
YHOA Superleague M21, M35, M40
Entry limit: 14
Entered: 7

Entry Fees
From 21st December:
        Senior: £9.00
        Senior Novice: £3.00
        Non BO Member Supplement: £2.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Junior/Student: £3.00
        Junior/Student Chip hire: £0.50
From 5th February:
    Late Entries
        Senior: £11.00
        Senior Novice: £5.00
        Non BO Member supplement: £2.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Junior/Student: £5.00
        Junior/Student Chip hire: £0.50

Juniors are under 25 on 31st December.

Family Fee - Maximum Fee £21 - use the discount code family-junior for your second and subsequent junior entries to qualify.

Full-time students qualify for the junior fees. Check the box on the entry form.

Young Adults (under 25) pay the Junior fee at this event.

Please note if hiring a dibber a fee of £30 will be charged for lost dibbers.
Event Information

See Claro website for full up-to-date details

These will be posted on the Claro website When entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.

Organiser: Susan Birtwistle (CLARO) - General Enquiries to or 01765 677099 before 9pm
Entries Secretary - Linda Kelly - Entry Enquiries to
Planner: Liz Potterton (CLARO)
Controller: Quentin Harding (CLARO)
Assistant Controller: Graham Ramsden (CLARO)