Knole Park SE League

Sunday 3rd March

Kent's last medieval deer park with meandering walks and superb ancient open runnable woodland with lots of interesting contour detail.

Online advance registration only. Start between 11-12.30pm. Courses Close at 2.15pm.

If you wish to compete as a group, you should select group entry and provide the number of other team members in the field provided, (only team leader needs to enter. Group entry fee covers all entrants).

If you need any help or advice using this online entry system, please contact

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Entered: 268

Car Sharing available


Black (M21) 11.6km 340m climb
Entry limit: 40
Entered: 14

Brown (M35, M40) 10.0km 285m climb
Entry limit: 10
Entered: 6

Short Brown (M18, M20, M45, M50, W21) 8.0km 220m climb
Entry limit: 40
Entered: 32

Blue (M16, M55, M60, W35, W40) 6.6km 225m climb
Entry limit: 55
Entered: 40

Short Blue (M65, W18, W20, W45, W50) 5.3km 170m climb
Entry limit: 50
Entered: 41

Green (M70, W16, W55, W60) 4.6km 130m climb
Entry limit: 65
Entered: 52

Short Green (M75, W65) 3.8km 120m climb
Entry limit: 35
Entered: 27

Very Short Green (M80+, W70+) 3.3km 70m climb
Entry limit: 8
Entered: 5

Light Green (M14, W14) 3.4km 85m climb
Entry limit: 15
Entered: 10

Orange (M12, W12) 3.0km 60m climb
Entry limit: 15
Entered: 14

Yellow (M10, W10) 2.5km 40m climb
Entry limit: 12
Entered: 10

White 1.4km 15m climb
Entered: 4

Score - 1 hour, 21 controls, visit as many as you can
Entry limit: 15
Entered: 13

Courses distances subject to controlling.

Yellow, Orange and Score courses most suitable for beginners, and family groups.

Entry Fees
Early Entry (prior to midnight 26 Feb):
Senior (member/non-member): £15/£18
Junior/Student (member/non-member) £6/£8
Group (member/non-member): £12/£15
Novice Senior on Yellow, Orange or Score (member/non-member): £8/£11

Late Entry (after 26 Feb): As above plus £2 for Seniors

As part of our license for this event the estate has asked us to make a charitable donation and have agreed that the Orienteering Foundation is an appropriate recipient. We will be collecting £1.50 per adult and £1 per junior for this purpose; this amount is included in the entry fees.

Saxons volunteers, please email Organiser if you can help on the day, and use the discount code provided in the signup form.

Basic non-SIAC dibber (electronic timing device) available for hire free of charge. SIAC dibbers available for hire for £1.50.
Event Information

For full details please see Saxons Event Details page
If you need to withdraw prior to the event, you will automatically receive a credit note for use against future Saxon events.

Parking will be in the Sevenoaks Town Multi-Storey - free on Sundays. Access via Suffolk Way and then Buckhurst Lane. (W3W: washed.pinch.frames). Enquiries, dibber hire/collection/clear and download will all be in the multi-storey car park.
Please do not park in the National Trust car park within the competition area. If you would like to visit the Park and house after your run, parking in the NT car park requires booking in advance.

Train Station is 1.2km walk to Enquiries/Multi-Storey Car Park.

Public toilets are available in the Sevenoaks bus station off Buckhurst Rd (2 min walk from the multi-storey car park)

There are many places to eat in Sevenoaks town centre - the High Street is 250ms from the multi-storey car park.

Newcomers and Beginners
If you are new to Orienteering and would like some additional help before attending an event, please check the appropriate box on the entry form and the event organiser will be in touch. There are also some helpful youtube introductory videos to watch. One by a nearby London club Newcomer Guide and another from a Manchester based club Getting Started

Timing, Start/Finish and Race Information
Contactless electronic timing enabled for the event, (SIAC), although a basic timing dibber can also be used, (basic timing devices provided free of charge if you don't have one). Punching Start & Finish.

Start is 800m from Enquiries/Sevenoaks Town Multi-Storey - exit the car park and follow taped route down Webbs Alley and into Knole Park. Please note the alley way is steep and can be slippery in wet weather. When you have finished, return to the multi-storey car park via the same route. Please remember to download before you leave.

New map by Dave Peel 2023.
Map Scale - Longer courses (Black through to Short Blue) 1:10,000 with 5m contours. Shorter courses (Green and below) 1:7,500 with 5m contours.

You must adhere to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

Medical conditions
Competitors take part at their own risk. If you have an existing Medical Condition of which the Organisers should be aware, please complete a Medical Form which can be downloaded from the Event Details on the Saxons website and hand to the Organiser in a sealed envelope. This can be collected once you have downloaded, or will be destroyed at the end of the event.

Results will not be on display at the event. Split prints available. Final results will be posted to Saxons website after the event.

Event Details
Start List
Black (M21) Club Age Category Start window
Charles Anderton DFOK M21 11:13:00
Tony Burton MV M60 11:00:00
Daniel Collins SLOW M21 11:37:00
Paolo Cuomo M45 11:05:00
Mark Ford CHIG M45 12:28:00
James Leech SLOW M21 11:34:00
Euan Marsh SO M21 11:44:00
Kieran Marsh SLOW M21 11:46:00
Liam Marsh SO M21 11:16:00
Adam Methven BKO M20 11:41:00
Antoine Pesenti DFOK M50 11:30:00
Christopher Prince HAVOC M21 11:48:00
Tim Scarbrough MV M40 11:08:00
Alan Velecky SO M55 11:27:00
Brown (M35, M40) Club Age Category Start window
Luke Bennett DFOK M16 11:18:00
Simon Evans SAX M40 11:03:00
Alex Kendall MV M35 11:02:00
Michael Krajewski SN M40 11:07:00
Gareth Radcliffe SUFFOC M40 11:32:00
Oscar Sly TVOC M45 11:10:00
Short Brown (M18, M20, M45, M50, W21) Club Age Category Start window
Ben Bardsley HH M50 11:24:00
Oliver Bardsley HH M18 11:22:00
Keith Belsey SN M55 11:15:00
Keith Bennett DFOK M50 11:17:00
Mike Bennett HH M70 11:51:00
Paul Cooper M70 11:01:00
Neil Crickmore SO M60 11:38:00
Sean Cronin SAX M55 11:40:00
John Cross SAX M55 11:35:00
Dave Cumins SO M50 11:31:00
Hebe Darwin WAOC W18 11:14:00
Frank Edge SN M65 11:43:00
Gergely Farago HH M50 11:23:00
Mark Feltham MV M60 11:54:00
Nick Green GO M60 11:28:00
Edmund Grobel SAX M45 12:01:00
Will Heap SO M50 11:45:00
Andrew Henderson WAOC M60 11:11:00
Chris Hooker SO M60 11:25:00
Alison Howe SAX W50 12:00:00
Austin Howe SAX M18 12:05:00
John Kelly SN M40 11:12:00
Guy Lidbury HAVOC M55 11:50:00
David Lobley DFOK M55 11:26:00
Keith Masson MV M60 11:20:00
John Methven BKO M50 11:36:00
Dave Pickup SAX M50 11:33:00
Zsolt Podolyak SN M55 11:04:00
Emily Rowe W18 11:42:00
Sarah Scarbrough MV W40 11:06:00
Paul Todd LOK M45 11:21:00
Simon Turton BKO M55 11:47:00
Blue (M16, M55, M60, W35, W40) Club Age Category Start window
Mark Adams HH M60 12:00:00
Dale Bennett HAVOC M60 11:47:00
Nicholas Betts SAX M60 11:09:00
Axel Blomquist SN M70 11:37:00
Richard Bostock DFOK M60 12:07:00
Nigel Bush MV M65 11:20:00
Ian Catchpole DFOK M45 11:00:00
Jon Chandler LOK M55 11:06:00
Dave Chapman SN M70 11:55:00
Ronan Cleary LOK M60 11:58:00
Mark Collins DFOK M60 11:46:00
Phil Conway GO M60 12:05:00
Thomas Elgood CHIG M60 11:59:00
Bors Farago HH M16 11:24:00
Chloe Fowler HAVOC W21 11:52:00
Mike Frizzell BADO M65 11:45:00
Chun Yan Alistair Fu WAOC M16 11:48:00
John Guthrie SO M60 11:50:00
Janusz Holender TVOC M65 11:14:00
Lisa James SOC W55 11:22:00
Julia Jarvis SO W55 11:33:00
Steve Jarvis SO M60 11:40:00
Tim Keogh MV M60 11:23:00
David Kingdon SAX M70 11:05:00
Richard Leahy SAX M55 11:15:00
Julie Lobley DFOK W55 11:31:00
Peter Martin MV M60 11:28:00
Derick Mercer BKO M60 11:25:00
Trish Monks BKO W45 11:27:00
Carys Morgan SLOW W45 11:57:00
Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M60 11:12:00
Bert Park SUFFOC M55 11:30:00
Andrew Pitcher DFOK M60 11:51:00
J B Rae-Smith DFOK M60 11:29:00
Ian Roberts MV M55 11:38:00
Neil Speers DFOK M55 12:12:00
Charles Spence LOK M65 11:34:00
Mel Taylor SAX M60 11:36:00
Mike Turner SO M70 11:39:00
John Tzanetis DFOK M55 11:43:00
Short Blue (M65, W18, W20, W45, W50) Club Age Category Start window
Ian Andrews CHIG M65 11:20:00
Stuart Bates DFOK M21 11:10:00
Christina Bennett DFOK W45 11:06:00
Ian Byford HH M65 11:45:00
Sarah Covey-Crump SAX W45 11:05:00
Camilla Darwin WAOC W55 11:18:00
David Dawson DFOK M65 11:21:00
Colin Dickson BAOC M65 11:46:00
Ian Ditchfield MV M65 12:03:00
Naomi Drewitt DFOK W45 11:14:00
Annika Greenwood SOC W50 11:27:00
Barbara Griessner SLOW W50 11:01:00
George Grobel SAX M18 12:09:00
Joe House SO M70 11:04:00
Colin Jackson HAVOC M65 11:48:00
Beth Kendall SAX W60 11:22:00
Robin Kendall SAX M55 11:17:00
Jane Lambert SO W60 11:24:00
Peter Lilja SAX M65 11:32:00
Alistair Lovegrove SN M50 11:57:00
Carol Lovegrove SN W50 11:49:00
Charlotte Lovegrove SN W16 12:01:00
Rebecca Lovegrove SN W18 11:52:00
Peter Martin SAX M75 11:38:00
Lisa Methven BKO W55 11:56:00
Andrea Pauling SAX W50 11:00:00
Jevgenijs Petrovs SLOW M50 12:00:00
Madeleine Pitcher DFOK W18 11:54:00
Chris Pond DFOK M60 11:31:00
Ian Prosser BAOC M65 11:02:00
Gabriela Roch SAX W50 11:33:00
John Seaston MV M50 11:41:00
Frederick Smith GO M60 11:53:00
Steven Smithard SO M40 11:16:00
Emese Svab HH W50 11:30:00
Mark Thompson TVOC M65 11:13:00
Ashley Tilling MV M65 11:11:00
Kate Turner SO W50 12:06:00
John van Rooyen SAX M75 11:19:00
Robin Wilson SO M65 11:03:00
Roger Wilson SLOW M60 12:08:00
Green (M70, W16, W55, W60) Club Age Category Start window
Judith Armitt SAX W70 12:29:00
Thomas Bates SAX M16 11:30:00
Jasmine Bennett SO W70 11:20:00
Simon Blanchflower SAX M70 11:11:00
Sarah Blundell DFOK W60 12:07:00
Neil Bricknell SAX M55 12:01:00
Susan Bright BOF W55 11:04:00
Paul Byers MV M60 11:33:00
Jody Carter SAX M45 11:05:00
Julie Cleary LOK W60 11:58:00
Fiona Clough BKO W60 11:29:00
Julie Collins DFOK W60 11:08:00
Keiko Conway GO W60 12:04:00
Philip Craven DFOK M70 12:02:00
Susan Crickmore SO W60 11:37:00
Ben Cronin SAX M18 11:38:00
Peter Dudman SO M70 11:06:00
Tom Edelsten GO M80 11:19:00
Mike Elliot MV M70 12:08:00
David Fisher MV M70 11:22:00
Catherine Galvin LOK W60 12:06:00
Mark Glaisher SAX M70 12:22:00
Geoff Goodwin DFOK M70 11:12:00
Sue Hands WIM W75 11:35:00
Lizzie Hardy W21 11:01:00
Eliza Hermann HH W60 12:00:00
Clive Hillier LOK M60 12:05:00
Roger Maher SO M85 11:10:00
Penny Marsh SO W60 11:26:00
Nicky Masson MV W60 11:21:00
Charlie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M14 11:48:00
Chris Mcdonald MV M80 11:14:00
Don McKerrow SLOW M70 11:40:00
Philip Norris SAX M75 11:46:00
Allison Page DFOK W50 11:16:00
Keith Parkes DFOK M75 11:34:00
Garry Parmenter HAVOC M75 11:09:00
Marion Payne-Bird GO W65 11:32:00
Stephen Peacock SN M70 11:36:00
Beryl Pring SAX W75 11:25:00
Carol Prosser BAOC W60 11:18:00
Jim Prowting TVOC M75 11:13:00
Ella Pyman DFOK W55 11:02:00
Karen Ransley SAX W45 11:00:00
Ruth Rhodes SO W80 11:45:00
Peter Riches TVOC M70 11:03:00
Jennifer Sibley MV W21 12:28:00
Rob Sibley SAX M70 11:44:00
Leianne Upton MV W60 11:17:00
Andy Ward SO M60 11:27:00
Geoff Wright GO M75 12:10:00
Dan Youster DFOK M35 11:28:00
Short Green (M75, W65) Club Age Category Start window
Heather Andrews CHIG W65 11:20:00
Paul Blagbrough MV M75 11:12:00
Heather Brown SAX W70 11:30:00
Hannah Cooper BOF W45 11:44:00
Alex Darwin WAOC M14 11:13:00
Douglas Deeks SAX M85 11:25:00
Elisabeth Dickson BAOC W65 11:46:00
Sue Gallagher SO W70 11:06:00
Philip Gristwood MV M75 11:15:00
Noreen Ives WAOC W70 11:08:00
Simon Ling MV M75 11:11:00
Sarah Lowe SO W50 11:31:00
James McAlpin SAX M75 11:28:00
Dave Norman CHIG M65 11:33:00
Jeremy Oldershaw SAX M85 11:40:00
Roger Pring SAX M75 11:26:00
Ethan Radcliffe SUFFOC M14 11:27:00
Richard Rae BKO M75 12:00:00
Ben Rivers GO M80 11:34:00
Helen Rivers GO W70 11:24:00
Nigel Saker SLOW M75 11:21:00
Chris Shaw HAVOC M75 11:07:00
Marion Shipman LOK W60 11:32:00
Catherine Springett BKO W65 11:14:00
Di Turner SO W70 11:35:00
Raymond Weekes CHIG M75 11:23:00
Michael White MV M85 11:01:00
Very Short Green (M80+, W70+) Club Age Category Start window
Bill Alexander MV M80 11:17:00
Anthony Barrable RAFO M80 11:10:00
Hayley Collins DFOK W21 11:05:00
Jim Munday BKO M80 12:02:00
Paul Wallace-Stock SN M80 11:00:00
Light Green (M14, W14) Club Age Category Start window
Vicki Baxter W45 11:02:00
Jake Bennett DFOK M14 11:16:00
Alice Evans SAX W14 11:03:00
Csongor Farago HH M14 11:36:00
Chun Ho Andre Fu WAOC M14 11:57:00
Holly Howe SAX W14 11:55:00
Paul Nevett GO M60 11:18:00
Aaron Radcliffe SUFFOC M14 11:22:00
Ralph Scarbrough MV M14 11:04:00
Liz Seaston MV W45 11:45:00
Orange (M12, W12) Club Age Category Start window
Amanda Bailey SN W60 11:06:00
Karen Bricknell SAX W55 12:01:00
Jutta Byers MV W55 11:33:00
Elaine Eyers DFOK W40 11:32:00
Clare Foy W45 11:14:00
Hugo Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M12 11:08:00
Wendy Neath SAX W65 11:22:00
Kate Nevett GO W60 11:17:00
Eloise Pauling SAX W18 11:01:00
Sarah Reith SAX W60 11:10:00
Alison Ruyter W45 11:35:00
Ben Seaston MV M12 11:48:00
Amelia Todd LOK W12 11:21:00
Gill Wilson W60 12:08:00
Yellow (M10, W10) Club Age Category Start window
Menna Double DFOK W10 11:27:00
Tunde Farago HH W10 11:36:00
Isla Findlay DFOK W10 11:45:00
Edward Knight DFOK M80 11:34:00
Amelie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC W10 11:11:00
Maks Petrovs M10 11:59:00
Hugh Scarbrough MV M10 11:09:00
Mark Stokoe M60 11:25:00
Robert Stokoe M55 11:26:00
Jessica Todd LOK W10 11:24:00
White Club Age Category Start window
Osian Double DFOK M10 11:19:00
Harry Garvin SLOW M10 11:12:00
Laura Krajewska SN W10 11:03:00
Olivia Krajewska SN W10 11:02:00
Score - 1 hour, 21 controls, visit as many as you can Club Age Category Start window
Martin Brice M70 11:20:00
Anthony Connellan M85 11:40:00
Mike Garvin SLOW M50 11:13:00
Sarah Graham W45 11:04:00
Rob Hartley M50 11:05:00
John Henley M40 12:00:00
Glen Nunes M40 11:30:00
Louise Payne W50 11:00:00
Duncan Scott SAX M60 11:16:00
Elizabeth Scott SAX W60 11:18:00
Kirsten Shirke W50 11:31:00
Sarah Stevens W50 11:29:00
Zac Vaughan BKO M16 11:28:00