SN Saturday Series 2023#6: Merrist Wood

Saturday 23rd March

A range of courses increasing in length and complexity for all the family.
For event details, please go to the events page on our website

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Car Sharing available


Yellow (Approx 2.5km. On paths)

Orange (Approx 3.5km. Can take short cuts)
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Light Green (Approx 4.5km. More challenging controls)

Short Blue (Approx 5.5km. As technical as possible)

Entry Fees
Prices up to Sunday before the event
£6 Adult entry (+£2 for non-BOF) (£5 for SN members with the code in the email sent to SN members)
£4 Novice Adults on Yellow or Orange
£3 for individual junior
£4 Junior pair (2 maps)

+£1 for adult helpers (for an extra map). You do not need to enter the adult helpers, only the person / people they are helping

+£1 adults and +50p juniors for late entries after the Sunday before the event
Event Information

How to Enter
For a Junior Pair, please enter the first junior in the "First Name" box and the second junior in the "Surname" box. If there is a helping adult, the adult does not need to be entered separately

The "Individual with Helping Adult" class can be used by adult groups who want an extra map. The helping adult does not need to be entered separately

SN adult £5 (code required. For use with adult entries on Light Green or Short Blue courses only)

Entry Deadlines
Entering by 11.59pm on the Sunday before the event will guarantee you a map and a discounted entry fee. Map limits will then be set, and prices will increase by £1 per adult and 50p per junior.
Online entries will stay open until last start times or until the maps run out. Payment for Entry on the Day (EOD) will be via Unfortunately, we are unable take cash payments.
Name substitutions for those pre-entered can be made on the day at no cost.

Location of Enquiries and Download
Enquiries will be near the car park.

If you are new to orienteering, please come along to Enquiries and there will be people around who will be able to answer your questions, sort out your hired dibber, talk you through how the start works and point you in the direction of the start (where you will pick up your map).

You must download once you have finished. This is a safety check!

The start will be within 100m of the Enquiries flag and tent.
You will need to visit Enquiries if you are hiring a dibber. Otherwise, you can go straight to the start as you will have pre-entered on racesignup
At the start, there will be people there to help if you need it.

Start Times
Starts are open 10-11.30am. Please choose a start time to ensure you can finish before the courses close at 12.30pm.
Start times have been added to your sign up to prevent long queues at the start. However, these are advisory only. We won't be checking!

We will be parking in the college car park. Please share transport where you can

There are toilets next to enquiries. Please don't go in wearing spikes or very muddy shoes

No dogs allowed. Not even in the car park...

Merrist Wood
Start List
Orange (Approx 3.5km. Can take short cuts) Age Category Start time Hiring Club Chip Junior Team Sch Yr Gp
Natasha Taylor W35 10:00 - 10:14 Yes IND