Kings Wood Challock KOL7 9 Mar 2024

Saturday 9th March

Kent Orienteering League event 7 - KOL7. Kings Wood boasts some of the best runnable woodland in the South East. The terrain is sloping with a number of larger valley systems running North South. In addition to the stands of mature beech are other areas of chestnut coppice and non-deciduous stands.

Online advance registration only. Start between 11-12.30pm. Courses Close at 2.00pm.

If you wish to compete as a group, you should select group entry and provide the number of other team members in the field provided, (only team leader needs to enter. Group entry fee covers all entrants).

If you need any help or advice using this online entry system, please contact

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Entered: 19

Car Sharing available


Blue 5.9km 180m climb
Entered: 3

Green 4.4km 120m climb
Entered: 9

Orange 2.4km 75m climb
Entered: 3

Yellow 2.1km 55m climb
Entered: 1

1 hour, 21 controls, visit as many as you can.
Entered: 3

Yellow, Orange and Score courses most suitable for beginners, and family groups.

Entry Fees
Senior (member/non-member): £7/£10
Junior/Student (member/non-member) £4/£6
Group (member/non-member): £10/£15

Saxons volunteers, please email Organiser if you can help on the day, and use the discount code provided in the signup form.

Basic non-SIAC dibber (electronic timing device) available for hire free of charge. SIAC dibbers available for hire for £1.50.
Event Information

For full details please see Saxons Event Details page
If you need to withdraw prior to the event, you will automatically receive a credit note for use against future Saxon events.

Parking will be along forest tracks. Access will be via the wood yard off the A251, Buck Street. (W3W: gravy.easygoing.leave). Please follow marshals directions and keep your speed to 5mph max. Exit will be via the same route. Please watch out for other competitors using the tracks.

There are no facilities in the wood.

Newcomers and Beginners
If you are new to Orienteering and would like some additional help before attending an event, please check the appropriate box on the entry form and the event organiser will be in touch. There are also some helpful youtube introductory videos to watch. One by a nearby London club Newcomer Guide and another from a Manchester based club Getting Started

Timing, Start/Finish and Race Information
Contactless electronic timing enabled for the event, (SIAC), although a basic timing dibber can also be used, (basic timing devices provided free of charge if you don't have one). Punching Start & Finish.

Enquiries opens at 10.30 to collect hire dibbers. There will be experienced orienteers on hand to help newcomers. Enquiries and download will be close to the car parking and Finish. Please remember to download before leaving.

Start is 900m from Enquiries - route will be taped.

1:10,000 for Blue and Green courses, 1:7,500 for all other courses with 5m contours.

You must adhere to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

Medical conditions
Competitors take part at their own risk. If you have an existing Medical Condition of which the Organisers should be aware, please complete a Medical Form which can be downloaded from the Event Details on the Saxons website and hand to the Organiser in a sealed envelope. This can be collected once you have downloaded, or will be destroyed at the end of the event.

Results will not be on display at the event. Split prints available. Final results will be posted to Saxons website after the event.

Event Details
Start List
Blue Club Age Category School
Sarah Covey-Crump SAX W45
Simon Evans SAX M40
Alan Hickling SAX M60
Green Club Age Category School
Andy Bowes CLARO M55
Sharon Bowes CLARO W55
Alice Evans SAX W14
Richard Leahy SAX M55
Peter Lilja SAX M65
Allison Page DFOK W50
Andrea Pauling SAX W50
Ella Pyman DFOK W55
Annabelle Stearns W50
Orange Club Age Category School
Jo Casey W40
Harriet Evans SAX W12
Eloise Pauling SAX W18
Yellow Club Age Category School
Lindsay Lawrence W40
Score Club Age Category School
Jody Carter SAX M45
Debbie Harris W55
Ronald Huggett SAX M75