NWO Summer Urban Series (2024) (2 EVENTS PER MONTH)



MapRun Urban League 2024
  • A series of 10 informal Street Orienteering events based in towns around North Wiltshire.
  • Each event will offer 3 courses (Short/Medium/Long).
  • Courses can be completed using the MapRun App or by finding clues at the control sites marked on the maps. The clues will be street furniture e.g. number on lamp post, hydrant, number of bollards etc.
  • Your league position will be determined by your best 6 results in a single course class (i.e. S, M or L).
  • Contact: nwomaprun@gmail.com

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    Short/Medium/Long Courses
    You will be sent details for all 3 courses in advance of when the Event Window opens.
    (Map files to print off yourself and MapRun codes)

  • You can choose which course you want to run in each event, but to be competitive in a league you should stick to just one course class.
  • Courses follow roads and paths or cross areas with public access.
  • All controls are visible/on public land DO NOT TRESPASS.
    (The Open Orienteering Map may show the area as “white” so private land. But if it is obviously an open park you may consider it as such. You should use your own discretion considering the other users and owners of the land.)
  • Be courteous to other road and path users
  • If competing using just paper clues the coordinator relies on your honesty for the time you took
  • For those running with MapRun if you believe you visited a control and it did not register let the coordinator know and if they agree your result will be corrected!
  • Where you do a course but end up being disqualified (either from straying into OOB areas or where you miss a control or for any other reason) you will be credited with 1 point for starting the event! If you do more than 6 events in the series then this will make little difference.
  • If you do the course having planned it (or checked all controls for the planner), It will be considered that you ran it non-competitively so if you look at the event your time will be recorded correctly but you are awarded only 1 point. If you do more than 6 events in the series then this will make little difference!
  • Entry Fees
    You can enter all of the events up front at a discounted rate of £25 (Senior BO affiliated) / £35 (Senior unaffiliated) / £12.50 (Junior).
    Select the first option on the Entry Form and do not enter the events individually.

    Single Event Fees
    Senior BO affiliated: £3.50
    Senior unaffiliated: £4.50
    (Seniors who are not members of British Orienteering incur an additional £1 fee to cover increased levies)

    Junior: £1.75
    (Juniors are under 21 on 31st December)

    You do not have to enter all of your chosen events at the same time, but it reduces our costs if you do.
    Event Information


  • All events will be open for a 13 day window (Tuesday-Sunday).
  • Course details will be sent out on the Sunday before the window opens.
  • If you have not entered by then, late entries will be accepted while the event is displayed, but the coordinator may not be able to send out the details during the week so you may have a very limited time to participate in the event.
    1: Haydon Wick/Oakhurst - SWINDON (Event Window: 16-28 April. Start Location: W3W grandest.rather.educated )
    2: CALNE (Event Window: 30 April -12 May. Start Location: W3W teaspoons.suitable.comply )
    3: Freshbrook/Toothill - SWINDON (Event Window: 14-26 May. Start Location: W3W little.cloud.token )
    4: SHRIVENHAM (Event Window: 28 May - 09 June. Start Location: W3W angry.fattest.opinion)
    5: Walcot/Lawn - SWINDON (Event Window: 11-23 June. Start Location: W3W raft.fades.regime)
    6: Old Town/Wichelstowe - SWINDON (EventWindow: 25 June - 07 July. Start Location: W3W vibe.prefer.spared)
    7: CHIPPENHAM (Event Window: 09-21 July. Start Location: W3W marsh.eyelid.ember)
    8: Liden/Eldene - SWINDON (Event Window: 23 July - 04 Aug. Start Location: TBA)
    9: CRICKLADE (Event Window: 06-18 Aug. Start Location: TBA)
    10: PEWSEY (Event Window: 20 Aug - 1 Sep. Start Location: TBA)


  • Be careful crossing roads.
  • All Juniors under 16 MUST be accompanied.
    If you withdraw from an event it will not be possible to refund your entry fee.

    The personal data you give when you enter will be used by the event organisers and their agents, but only for the purpose of processing/publishing entries/results, conducting safety checks and as required by our insurers to validate our cover and managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    NWO Fixtures
    Start List - All Events
    Club Age Category
    Kevin Beale NWO M65
    Dan Brice NWO M45
    Nigel Britton JOK M75
    Roger Bryan NWO M60
    Tristan Diett NWO M40
    Stuart Ebbrell BAOC M50
    Nath Fernandes BOK M21
    Peter Gilder NWO M50
    Antonia Holt NWO W65
    Rob Hudd NWO M21
    Mick Hunter NWO M65
    Stephen Jackson NWO M70
    Neil Johnson NWOC M65
    Martin Light NWO M65
    David Livingstone NWO M65
    Janet Livingstone NWO W65
    David Mullins SARUM M75
    Denise Mullins SARUM W70
    Matthew Nadin NWO M50
    John Orton NWO M70
    Kate Orton NWO W70
    Abi Pack NWO W45
    Dave Scott M40
    Lydia Scott W40
    Joe Shipcott NWO M21
    Wendy Smith NWO W65
    Doug Stimson NWO M40
    Ken Stimson NWO M75
    Nina Stimson NWO W75
    Ian Tait SARUM M70
    Ian Trussler NWO M65
    Start List - 7: CHIPPENHAM
    Club Age Category
    Robert Buckby NWO M35
    Richard Alexander McDonald BOK M45
    Ted McDonald BOK M80
    Matthew Rooke LOC M35
    Jonathan Swithinbank M35
    Start List - 8: Liden/Eldene - SWINDON
    Club Age Category
    Carol Prosser BAOC W60
    Start List - 9: CRICKLADE
    Club Age Category
    Carol Prosser BAOC W60
    Start List - 10: PEWSEY
    Club Age Category
    Carol Prosser BAOC W60