Couch to Green Spring 2024

17 April- 25 May

A 8-week adult beginners orienteering course (two 4-week parts)
  • Do you want to start running but find the prospect a bit boring?
  • Do you already love running and want a new challenge?
  • Do you want to try Adventure racing or Fell running, but really need to learn to navigate?
  • Do you enjoy hiking, but want to build your confidence in reading maps?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, we’d suggest that you learn Orienteering – a sport for your mind and your body – in 8 weeks on our adult beginners course, Couch2Green.

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C2G Walkers

C2G Runners

Entry Fees
Non-CLOK member adults £50
Non-CLOK member juniors and students £25
CLOK members £15
Non-CLOK members get a £5 event entry credit if they subsequently become a CLOK member within 2 months of completing the course.
Event Information
Start List
C2G Walkers
Derek Phillips
C2G Runners
Charlie Anderson
Lesley Branch
Andrew Cole
Helena Conlin
Lorraine Fraser
Ann Harrington
Julie Hatch
Simon Nickless
Sue Peel
William Rowan
Rebecca Royds Gosney
Joanna Schreiber
Pamela Singleton
Amanda Stott
Bernadette Wallace
Stephen Wallace