Ightham Regional (2024)

Sunday 19th May

Delightful ancient woodland consisting of oak, birch, rowan & beech. Runnability varies from very good to areas with heather, bracken and bilberry which may impede progress. Oldbury Hill has numerous earth features and earth ramparts built 500-100BC and was one of the finest forts in the Medway region.

Online advance registration only. Start between 11-12.30pm. Courses Close at 2.30pm.

If you wish to compete as a group, you should select group entry and provide the number of other team members in the field provided, (only team leader needs to enter. Group entry fee covers all entrants).

If you need any help or advice using this online entry system, please contact alison.howe12@gmail.com.
Contact: sarahcoveycrump@yahoo.co.uk

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Entered: 6

Car Sharing available


Brown 8.9km 195m climb

Blue 6.7km 140m climb
Entered: 1

Green 4.4km 140m climb
Entered: 3

Short Green 3.5km 95m climb
Entered: 1

Light Green 3.4km 90m climb

Orange 2.3km 65m climb

Yellow 2.0km 45m climb
Entered: 1

Score - 1 hour, 21 controls, visit as many as you can

Courses distances preliminary and subject to controlling.

Yellow, Orange and Score courses most suitable for beginners, and family groups.

Entry Fees
Early Entry (prior to midnight 12 May):
Senior (member/non-member): £12/£15
Junior/Student (member/non-member) £6/£8
Group (member/non-member): £10/£15
Novice Senior on Yellow, Orange or Score (member/non-member): £8/£11

Late Entry (after 12 May): As above plus £2 for Seniors

Saxons volunteers, please email Organiser if you can help on the day, and use the discount code provided in the signup form.

Basic non-SIAC dibber (electronic timing device) available for hire free of charge. SIAC dibbers available for hire for £1.50.
Event Information

For full details please see Saxons Event Details page
If you need to withdraw prior to the event, you will automatically receive a credit note for use against future Saxon events.

Primary parking will be at the Ightham Recreation Ground Car Park, off the A25. (W3W:https://w3w.co/civil.types.above). Alternate parking areas will be available once this parking fills up.

Toilets will be available in the Scout hut. Please remove muddy shoes.

Newcomers and Beginners
If you are new to Orienteering and would like some additional help before attending an event, please check the appropriate box on the entry form and the event organiser will be in touch. There are also some helpful youtube introductory videos to watch. One by a nearby London club Newcomer Guide and another from a Manchester based club Getting Started

Timing, Start/Finish and Race Information
Contactless electronic timing enabled for the event, (SIAC), although a basic timing dibber can also be used, (basic timing devices provided free of charge if you don't have one). Punching Start & Finish.

Enquiries and download will be by the Scout hut in sight of the Recreation Ground parking. Please remember to download before leaving.

Start is 800m from Enquiries - route will be taped.

You must adhere to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

Medical conditions
Competitors take part at their own risk. If you have an existing Medical Condition of which the Organisers should be aware, please complete a Medical Form which can be downloaded from the Event Details on the Saxons website and hand to the Organiser in a sealed envelope. This can be collected once you have downloaded, or will be destroyed at the end of the event.

Results will not be on display at the event. Split prints available. Final results will be posted to Saxons website after the event.

Event Details
Start List
Blue Club Age Category Start window
Dominique Lazanski CHIG W50 11:00 - 11:14
Green Club Age Category Start window
Elaine Eyers DFOK W40 11:15 - 11:29
Ella Pyman DFOK W55 12:00 - 12:14
Ian Smith WAOC M65 11:30 - 11:44
Short Green Club Age Category Start window
John Harris WAOC M75 11:30 - 11:44
Yellow Club Age Category Start window
Edward Knight DFOK M80 11:15 - 11:29