Dorset Summer MapRun League 2024

Apr - Sep

Join the league and see how you fare in the 6 event series.
Wessex Orienteering Club & Wimborne Orienteers are pleased to announce a 2024 Dorset Summer MapRun League that will run from the start of April to the end of September using 6 different areas across Dorset..

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Entered: 51
Entry Fees
Senior: £15.00
Junior Entry is free

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Entry for M/W21+ only. (Juniors do not need to enter for their results to count in the league.)
Event Information
Start List
Club Age Category
Tom Alcock WIM M21
Justin Aspland-Monger M45
Julie Astin WSX W70
Fern Ault WSX W35
Christopher Branford WIM M75
Lynn Branford WIM W70
Bill Brown WSX M85
Rebecca Carron WSX W50
Serena Chabas WIM W45
Caroline Christopher WIM W70
Mike Christopher WIM M65
James Crickmore WSX M21
Roger Crickmore WSX M60
Gillian Cross WIM W75
Martin Cross WIM M75
Cat Edwardes DEVON W50
L-j Evans WIM W45
Jason Falconer WSX M50
Karen French WIM W55
Janine Fudge W35
Sheila Gold WSX W70
Jim Graham WIM M70
Giri Gurung WIM M21
Anish M21
Nicola Harvey WIM W50
Philip Harvey WIM M50
Teresa Heckford WSX W50
Helen Hodge WIM W60
Alan Hooper WSX M80
Vicky McCreadie WIM W40
Robin Mills WIM M55
Penelope Misselbrook WIM W60
Alastair Moir SOC M70
David Mullins SARUM M75
Denise Mullins SARUM W70
John Oakes WIM M50
Linda Pakuls WIM W65
Katherine Pike WIM W60
Colin Raynor M55
Paul Roberts QO M60
Ian Sayer WSX M70
Bruno Smith WSX M60
Eamon Staunton WIM M65
Kirsty Staunton WIM W65
Ian Tait SARUM M70
Emma Townsend WIM W40
Laura Wilcox WSX W60
Chris Wilson WIM M60
Lynn Wilson WIM W60
Roger Wilson SLOW M60
Pauline Worrall WIM W65