Buckskin and South Ham Urban SEOUL, Basingstoke

Sunday 2nd June

Entries close Monday 27th May

Urban Event in Basingstoke included in SEOUL

Using EMIT touchfree which in our experience at events has had zero issues.
Buckskin and South Ham are distinctly different areas Buckskin is a more modern development while South Ham has some dense housing with a lot of paths. There are some open areas in the area but most of the running will be on hard surfaces.
Contact: organiser@bado.org.uk

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Entries close 10:00 on 27th May

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Entered: 71

1 Open Men M18 to M35 23 Controls 7.9km 75m climb
Suggested Classes M18, M20, M21 and M35. Actual Distance 12.0Km
Entered: 4

2 Veteran Men 40+ and Open Women 18 Controls 6.3km 55m climb
Suggested Classes M40, M45, M50, W18, W20, W21 and W35. Actual Distance 10.1Km
Entered: 11

3 Super Vet Men M55+ and Veteran Women 40+ 20 Controls 5.7km 40m climb
Suggested Classes M55, M60, W40, W45 and W50. Actual Distance 8.9Km
Entered: 13

4 Ultravet Men 65+ and Supervet Women 55+ 18 Controls 5.2km 40m climb
Suggested Classes M65, M70, W55 and W60. Actual Distance 8.0Km
Entered: 18

5 Ultravet Women 65+, Hypervet Men 75+ and Hypervet Women W75+ 13 Controls 4.0km 35m climb
Suggested Classes M75, M80, M85, M90, W65, W70, W75, W80, W85 and W90. Actual Distance 5.1Km
Entered: 22

6 Junior Men 16- and Junior Women 16- 18 Controls 4.0km 35m climb
Suggested Classes M14, M16, W14 and W16. Actual Distance 5.2Km.
Entered: 3

7 Young Junior Men 12- and Young Junior Women 12- 15 Controls 2.3km 20m climb
Suggested Classes M10, M12, W10 and W12. Actual Distance 2.4Km.

Entry Fees
From 13th April:
    Main (No EOD)
        Senior: £10.00/£12.00
        Not BOF Member Add: £2.00
        Junior: £3.50
From 28th May:
    Late Entry
        Senior: £12.00/£14.00
        Non BOF Member Add: £2.00
        Junior: £5.50

Juniors are under 18 on 31st December.

£10 entry for BO members. £12 entry fee for non-BO members. Juniors £3.50.
Touch Free EMIT included along with the hire of the controls and EMIT results processing.
After 27th May entries will re-open for late entries (subject to map availability) but at £12 for BOF members, £14 for non-BOF members and Juniors £5.50.

Students please contact the organiser for discount code.
Event Information

The event centre is at the Kempshott Village Hall, Pack Lane, Basingstoke, RG22 5HN. Entrance to Village Hall What3Words: nature.punks.under

Easy access from the M3 from either Junction 7 from the west or Junction 6 from the east.

There is plenty of free parking on the site, best to turn to the right when entering the park as that is where most of the parking is.

1:5,000 A3 Landscape for courses 1 to 3, courses 4 to 6 1:4,000 A3 Landscape and course 7 1:4,000 A4 Landscape.

Beginners are welcome to try the courses, please ask for assistance when you arrive. The courses rank from easy to hard, just bring a compass (one can be lent if you do not have one) and give it a go. No problem if you want to go round with other people.

Start is a flat 60m from assembly and the Finish 60m from assembly.

EMIT eCards will be used on all courses. Everyone must report promptly to Download.

There is access to a kitchen if water is required.

10:00 to 12:00 for Hired eCard collection and Enquiries. EOD subject to map availability.

10:30 to 12:30.

Control descriptions will be available in the start lanes.

Results on the day will be directly available on race-results.info.

Full final results and Routegadget will be available on the BADO website.

Courses close
Promptly at 14:30 please. You must report to download before you leave the event.

Toilets. Free Teas and Coffees.

Please make yourself aware of and abide by the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

Dogs are allowed, but under strict control and on a lead at all times. Please clean up after your dog.

Clothing and equipment
The area is suitable for running shoes, the majority of the running can be made on hard surfaces. Shorts and vests are permitted.

Planners Notes
Please observe all objects marked as uncrossable and do not enter any out-of-bounds areas.

Be wary of traffic around the area. Courses 1 to 4 cross the busy road in the middle of the map more than once. Not busy enough to warrant timed out crossings. There is a pedestrian bridge towards the north that can be used to cross the road.

Orienteering is an adventure sport; you are responsible for your own safety at the event and must not do anything that puts yourself or others at unnecessary risk. Please remember that COVID has not gone away, please respect those that want to be socially distanced.

Organisers: Alan Kersley (BADO) and Charles Gook (BADO)
Planner: Mike Frizzell (BADO)
Controller: Axel Blomquist (SN)

Start List
1 Open Men M18 to M35 23 Controls Class Club Start window
Tom Alcock MO WIM
Oliver Heckford MO WSX
Adam Poole MO TVOC
David Thomas MO BKO
2 Veteran Men 40+ and Open Women 18 Controls Class Club Start window
Neville Baker MV TVOC
David Dixon MV HH
Chris Evans MV SLOW
Marie-Anne Fischer WO TVOC
Paul Fox MV SN
Maciej Jablonski MV WAOC
Peter Jones MV SN
Cameron Lamond MV SN
Paul Martin MV SN
Rob Mullens MV BKO
Sarah Rollins WO SN
3 Super Vet Men M55+ and Veteran Women 40+ 20 Controls Class Club Start window
Gerry Allan MSV BAOC
Hanna Biernacka WV WAOC
Craig Blackford MSV BADO
Ian Byrne MSV SMOC
Sarah Dixon WV HH
Tony Garton MSV MV
Helen Le Page WV SN
John Marsh MSV SO
Peter Martin MSV MV
Chris Poole MSV TVOC
Roger Thetford MSV TVOC
Roger Wilson MSV SLOW
Adrian Wise MSV SN
4 Ultravet Men 65+ and Supervet Women 55+ 18 Controls Class Club Start window
Jane Blackford WSV BADO
Richard Bonnett MUV BAOC
Ian Ditchfield MUV MV
Sarah Francis WSV SN
Karen French WSV WIM
Vicki Garton WSV MV
Laurence Gossage MUV BOK
Julian Hartwell MUV SOC
Joe House MUV SO
Alun Jones MUV TVOC
Jane Lambert WSV SO
Sandra Mather WSV SMOC
Carol Sands WSV BOK
Tim Sands MUV BOK
Helen Sharp WSV TVOC
Robin Smith MUV SO
Jon Wheatcroft MUV TVOC
5 Ultravet Women 65+, Hypervet Men 75+ and Hypervet Women W75+ 13 Controls Class Club Start window
Vicki Barkaway WUV SOC
Christopher Branford MHV WIM
Lynn Branford WUV WIM
Kate Bryant WUV MDOC
Peter Carey MHV OD
Sheila Carey WHV OD
Philip Gristwood MHV MV
Michael Hampton MHV OD
Sue Hands WHV WIM
Michael Le Marie MHV SN
David Mullins MHV SARUM
Denise Mullins WUV SARUM
David Palmer MHV BOK
Beryl Pring WHV SAX
Roger Pring MHV SAX
Ruth Rhodes WHV SO
Gill Sharp WUV SN
Catherine Springett WUV BKO
Howard Thomas MHV BOK
Sally Thomas WHV BOK
Alain Wilkes MHV BKO
Susan Wilkes WUV BKO
6 Junior Men 16- and Junior Women 16- 18 Controls Class Club Start window
Erik Biernacki-Jablonski MJ WAOC
Emma Heckford WJ WSX
Owen Le Page MJ SN