Chelmsford City Urban

Sunday 19th May

Urban event around Chelmsford city centre
Part of East Anglian (EAUL) and Southern England (SEOUL) Orienteering Urban Leagues

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Entries are closed. Amendments can be made to existing entries as allowed by the event organiser.

Entered: 101

Course 1 Men Open 8.3km
Entered: 8

Course 2 Veteran Men (M40+), Women Open 6.7km
Entered: 18

Course 3 Supervet Men (M55+), Veteran Women (W40+) 5.6km
Entered: 24

Course 4 Ultravet Men (M65+), Supervet Women (W55+) 5.0km
Entered: 24

Course 5 Ultravet Women (W65+), Hypervet Men (M75+), Hypervet Women (W75+) 3.9km
Entered: 11

Course 6 Junior Men (M16-), Junior Women (W16-) 3.8km
Entered: 7

Course 7 Young Junior Men (M12-), Young Junior Women (W12-) 2.5km
Entered: 9

Course 7 is traffic free within the parkland of Chelmer Valley Local Nature Reserve and Springfield Hall Park.
Course 6 also includes some quiet residential roads.
Courses 1 to 5 also include the city centre and some residential areas.
Anyone wishing to run out of class should enter Open on Course of their choice
Course lengths are straight line between controls. Optimum routes will be longer.

Entry Fees
From 20th April:
        Senior: £8.00/£10.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Junior/Student: £3.00
        Junior/Student Chip hire: £1.00
From 17th May:
        Senior: £10.00/£12.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Junior/Student: £4.00
        Junior/Student Chip hire: £1.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

£2 surcharge for non members of British Orienteering.
Event Information

Event location
Event centre at Anglia Ruskin University, Lord Ashcroft Building
Postcode: CM1 1SQ
What3Words: ///cowboy.analogy.scared
There is free parking adjacent to the event centre. Access from Hoffmans Way, CM1 1SQ.
Road access to Chelmsford from A130/A12 J17 (northbound) or A12 J19 Southbound
Chelmsford Railway station is less than 1km from the event centre. Please note there are rail replacement services all day. See Greater Anglia for more details.

Enquiries, registration, clothing dump, download, first aid, toilets and cake stall

Enquiries open from 10:00 am
Start times 10:30-12:30
Courses close 2:30pm
SIAC enabled but all competitors must punch start and finish

A new map at 1:4000 scale surveyed and drawn 2023/24 by John Collyer, Kevin Machin and Eddie Banks
The map covers a rich mixture of city centre, residential and parkland
The event takes place in a public area. Please be courteous to other users to avoid jeopardising our future use.

High visibility clothing is recommended. Roads, footpaths and cycleways will be in use by members of the public please treat them with respect. Look out for cyclists who are likely to be moving faster than you.

Course 6 will use parkland and quiet residential roads
Course 7 is confined to parkland and will not involve road crossings.
Stay away from watercourses. There are some ponds and streams in the Chelmer valley LNVR which can be deep. Routes are planned to avoid them or to cross at bridges.
You must only cross the River Chelmer by the normal public bridges.

All courses cross roads (except course 7). Take great care on all road crossings
The busiest roads have mandatory crossing points via underpasses (Courses 1-4 from Parkway to/from Central Park) which must be used.
Courses 1-5 have a mandatory timed out pelican crossing over Victoria Road.

Juniors under 16 on the day can only enter Courses 6 & 7
Course 1 Men Open
Course 2 Veteran Men (M40+), Women Open
Course 3 Supervet Men (M55+), Veteran Women (W40+)
Course 4 Ultravet Men (M65+), Supervet Women (W55+)
Course 5 Ultravet Women (W65+), Hypervet Men (M75+), Hypervet Women (W75+)
Course 6 Junior Men (M16-), Junior Women (W16-),
Course 7 Young Junior Men (M12-), Young Junior Women (W12-)

Strictly no dogs allowed

Organiser: Kevin Machin & David Lumby
Planners: Eddie Banks
Controller: Bruce Marsall (WAOC)

Chelmsford Urban