Royal Wootton Bassett - SEUOL Regional Urban 2024

Sunday 7th July

Entries close Sunday 30th June

Royal Wootton Bassett Urban
SEUOL Regional Urban Event

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Entries close 23:59 on 30th Jun

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Entered: 44

Car Sharing available


COURSE 1: Men Open 7.1km 10m climb
Entered: 3

COURSE 2: Men Vet (M40+), Women Open 6.0km 10m climb
Entered: 5

COURSE 3: Men Supervet (M55+), Women Vet (W40+) 5.1km 10m climb
Entered: 7

COURSE 4: Men Ultravet (M65+), Women Supervet (W55+) 4.0km 10m climb
Entered: 16

COURSE 5: Men Hypervet (M75+), Women Ultravet (W65+), Women Hypervet (W75+) 3.2km 10m climb
Entered: 10

COURSE 6: Men Junior (M16-), Women Junior (W16-), NOVICE 2.5km 10m climb
Suitable for unaccompanied juniors over 12, accompanied juniors under 12, beginners and family groups.
Entered: 2

COURSE 7: Men Young Junior (M12-), Women Young Junior (W12-), EASY NOVICE 1.9km 10m climb
Suitable for unaccompanied juniors under 16, beginners and family groups.
Entered: 1

Entry Fees
From 10th June:
        Senior: £13.00
        Senior Novice: £7.50
        Non-BOF Supplement: £1.00
        Senior Chip hire: £2.00
        Junior/Student: £4.00
        Non-BOF Supplement: £1.00
        Junior/Student Chip hire: £2.00
    GROUP ENTRY (6 or 7)
        Entry Fee: £9.50
        Non-BOF Supplement: £1.00
        Entry Fee Chip hire: £2.00
From 1st July:
        Senior: £15.00
        Senior Novice: £9.50
        Non-BOF Supplement: £1.00
        Senior Chip hire: £2.00
        Junior/Student: £6.00
        Non-BOF Supplement: £1.00
        Junior/Student Chip hire: £2.00
    GROUP ENTRY LATE (6 or 7)
        Entry Fee: £11.50
        Non-BOF Supplement: £1.00
        Entry Fee Chip hire: £2.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Students are competitors over the age of 20 still in full-time education. Please check STUDENT on the Entry Form to pay the Junior fee of £4 (£6 from 1st July).

Helpers are entitled to 50% discount on entry fee (please contact Organiser for discount code)

Novice Courses for Seniors are COURSE 6 and COURSE 7.

If you wish to enter as a group please select GROUP from the pull down list at the top of the form when you enter and choose ONLY Course 6 or Course 7. You will be charged a single fee of £9.50 (£11.50 from 1st July) no matter how large your group is and will receive 2 maps. Don't forget to hire an EMIT card if you do not own one. For insurance purposes please could you provide the names of the people in your group on the entry form.

GROUP entries are not available on any other courses. If you want to run with someone else on one of the more technical courses, you must enter as INDIVIDUALS and would be deemed non-competitive.

Late entries will incur an additional fee of £2 on all courses depending on map availability

Non members of the British Orienteering Federation will be charged an additional £1 to reflect BOF's additional levy for non-members

There is no Entry on the Day

Discounts do not apply to EMIT hire (lost card charges £50)
Event Information

Access is by kind permission of RWB Rugby Club, Wiltshire County Council and RWB Town Council.

Travel Directions
RWB Rugby Club is located on Brinkworth Road on the northern outskirts of the town.
Postcode SN4 8DS
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Please note that the rugby club is on the west side of Brinkworth Road about 600 northwest of the main roundabout in RWB. Do not get confused with the football club/sports centre on the opposite side of the road.

There is plenty of hard standing parking at the Rugby Club. Please park as advised by marshals.

Start Times
Facilities and EMIT card pick-up from 10.15
Start times for all courses: 11:00 - 12:30
Courses close: 14:30

Start & Finish
There will be a single Start and single finish for all courses.
The Start for all courses is around 500m walk from registration along paths and tracks.
The Finish is approximately 600m walk back to registration along paths and tracks.

Courses 6 and 7 have mandatory manned/controlled crossing points for the Junior Runners.

Longer courses have a timed out crossing point.

All course distances and climbs are subject to final planning/controlling amendments.

Toilets are available in the club house.
Spikes, studded shoes and muddy shoes are all prohibited in the club house.

A key drop will be available at registration. Items are left entirely at the owner's risk and NWO can accept no responsibility for their loss or damage.

First Aid kit will be available at download.

Jubilee Lakes
Routes to the start and from the finish pass through the Jubilee Lakes park which has a cafe, toilets and chidrens' play area.

Access to/from the Rugby Club into Jubilee Lakes will be through a manned gate. This gate will be locked at course closure (1430) or earlier if all competitors have finished. Once the gate is shut It is a long walk along a busy road to get back to the Rugby Club. Please bear this in mind if you take advantage of these facilities.

Entries close at 2359 on Sunday 30 June.
Late on-line entries will be available while map stocks last up to 23:59 on 3 July.

  • You can only amend your entry to change Course before the 23:59 on 3 July if maps are still available.
  • If you have entered as a Senior Novice (Courses 6 or 7) please do not change to one of the more difficult courses as the fees are higher.
  • There will be no entry on day
  • Refund Policy
    You may withdraw from the event up until 23:59 on 03-07-2024. Your entry fee will be held as a credit to be redeemed when you next enter an NWO event.

    Timing System
    EMIT card

  • Competitors with their own EMIT cards can proceed directly to the start
  • Hire cards can be picked up from the table next to download
  • Maps
    All courses - A3+ Landscape 1:5000. Contours at 2.5m intervals

    The area is mainly residential/shops/car parks with some green open areas.
    Some areas of long grass/high vegetation may be encountered on longer courses, but long trousers are not mandatory.

    Results, Splits and Routegadget will be available on the North Wiltshire Orienteers website as soon as practicable after the event

    Please make yourself aware of and abide by the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

    Clothing and equipment
    The event is taking place on public roads so please wear light coloured clothing to assist other road users.



  • Road traffic may be present at all times.
  • There will be other path and pavement users.
  • Safety

  • Take care on all road crossings and observe any mandatory crossing on your course
  • Be aware of other path users and treat them with consideration in order to avoid collision or inconvenience
  • All competitors MUST report to Download even if retiring from the event.
  • Lone competitors are recommended to leave car keys at Information/Download.
  • Participants to bring their own water and ensure adequate hydration pre and post event. Hand sanitisers will be available; however, we encourage participants to bring their own.
  • Orienteering is a physically challenging sport, and competitors take part at their own risk.
  • The nearest A&E Hospital is at Swindon Great Western Hospital SN3 6BB.

    Medical Conditions
    If you have a high risk medical condition you want the organisers to be aware of please download and complete this form and place it in a sealed envelope with your name on it. This can be left at registration. Envelopes will only be opened if required for a medical emergency. Unopened envelopes should be collected after the event. Any unclaimed envelopes will be destroyed after the event.

    Event Officials
    Organiser: Steve Jackson (NWO)
    Planner: Keith McCarthy (NWO)
    Controller: Tommi Grover (BOK)

    Personal Information
    The personal data you give when you enter will be used by the event organisers and their agents, but only for the purpose of processing/publishing entries/results, conducting safety checks and as required by our insurers to validate our cover and managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Cancellation Policy
    NWO will make every effort to ensure the event goes ahead as planned. However, should the event be cancelled, NWO reserves the right to retain part of the advance entry fees to meet costs already incurred or committed.

    Event Webpage
  • Start List
    COURSE 1: Men Open Club Category Hiring Age Category Discount code
    Tony Burton MV INDIVIDUAL Yes M60
    David House NWO INDIVIDUAL Yes M35
    Joe Shipcott NWO INDIVIDUAL Yes M21 HELPER
    COURSE 2: Men Vet (M40+), Women Open Club Category Hiring Age Category Discount code
    Stuart Ebbrell BAOC INDIVIDUAL Yes M50
    Stuart Fisher NWO INDIVIDUAL No M45 HELPER
    Peter Jones SN INDIVIDUAL No M65
    Paul Taylor TVOC INDIVIDUAL Yes M45
    COURSE 3: Men Supervet (M55+), Women Vet (W40+) Club Category Hiring Age Category Discount code
    Sara Currie BOK INDIVIDUAL No W40
    Nick Dennis BOK INDIVIDUAL No M60
    David Faulkner BOK INDIVIDUAL No M60
    Paul Gebbett BOK INDIVIDUAL No M55
    John Marsh SO INDIVIDUAL No M55
    Craig Smith BOK INDIVIDUAL Yes M55
    COURSE 4: Men Ultravet (M65+), Women Supervet (W55+) Club Category Hiring Age Category Discount code
    Charlotte Cheetham RAFO INDIVIDUAL Yes W60
    Peter Cheetham RAFO INDIVIDUAL Yes M65
    Gavin Clegg WSX INDIVIDUAL No M65
    Brian Curtis BOK INDIVIDUAL Yes M70
    Rachel Dennis BOK INDIVIDUAL No W55
    Colette Du Toit NGOC INDIVIDUAL Yes W60
    Rhiannon Fadeyibi NGOC INDIVIDUAL Yes W60
    Chris Johnson BOK INDIVIDUAL No M70
    Martin Light NWO INDIVIDUAL Yes M65 HELPER
    Catherine Walsh BOK INDIVIDUAL Yes W55
    Jon Wheatcroft TVOC INDIVIDUAL No M70
    Chic Young SARUM INDIVIDUAL No M65
    COURSE 5: Men Hypervet (M75+), Women Ultravet (W65+), Women Hypervet (W75+) Club Category Hiring Age Category Discount code
    Anthony Barrable RAFO INDIVIDUAL No M80
    Christopher Branford WIM INDIVIDUAL No M75
    Lynn Branford WIM INDIVIDUAL No W70
    Sue Curtis BOK INDIVIDUAL Yes W70
    Sue Hands WIM INDIVIDUAL No W75
    Andy Macgregor BAOC INDIVIDUAL No M80
    David Mullins SARUM INDIVIDUAL No M75
    Denise Mullins SARUM INDIVIDUAL No W70
    Anne Saunders NWO INDIVIDUAL No W70 HELPER
    Liz Yeadon SARUM INDIVIDUAL No W75
    COURSE 6: Men Junior (M16-), Women Junior (W16-), NOVICE Club Category Hiring Age Category Discount code
    Emily Down NWO GROUP Yes W45 HELPER
    Sebastian Quayle Fox NWO INDIVIDUAL Yes M10
    COURSE 7: Men Young Junior (M12-), Women Young Junior (W12-), EASY NOVICE Club Category Hiring Age Category Discount code
    Alan Yeadon SARUM INDIVIDUAL No M85