ESOC: SOL 3 North Pentland Hills

Sunday 9th June

Entries close Monday 3rd June

- The closing date for online entries is 23:59 on Monday 3rd June.
- Late Entries by email may be accepted, if maps are available, until 23:59 on Wednesday 5th June (to
- No Entry on the day (EOD) due to MOD restrictions.

Photo Credit: Crawford Lindsay

Full details are on the event webpage please read these before you enter and again on the day before to check for any updates.

Advice to help with entries is below.

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Entries close 23:59 on 3rd Jun

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Entered: 24

8.5km 435m climb
SOL Classes: M-E, M21

Entered: 3

7.0km 385m climb
SOL Classes: M20, M35, M40, W-E, W21

Short Brown
5.6km 305m climb
SOL Classes: M18, M45, M50, M21S, W20, W35

Entered: 2

4.5km 260m climb
SOL Classes: M16, M20S, M55, M60, M35S, M40S, W18, W40, W45, W21S

Entered: 4

Short Blue
4.2km 220m climb
SOL Classes: M18S, M65, M70, M45S, M50S, M55S, W16, W50, W55, W20S, W35S

Entered: 6

3.3km 145m climb
SOL Classes: M16S, M75, M60S, W60, W65, W16S, W18S,W40S, W45S

Entered: 1

Short Green
2.9km 110m climb
SOL Classes:% M80, M65S, W70, W50S, W55S

Entered: 5

Very Short Green
2.4km 105m climb
SOL Classes: M85, M90, M70S, M75S, W75, W80, W85, W90, W60S, W65S, W70S

Entered: 1

Light Green
2.4km 145m climb
SOL Classes: M14, M16B, W14, W16B

Entered: 1

Long Orange
3.7km 160m climb
SOL Classes: M21N

2.6km 95m climb
SOL Classes: M12, M14B, W12, W14B, W21N

Entered: 1

2.3km 65m climb
SOL Classes: M10, M12B, W10, W12B

1.5km 35m climb
SOL Classes: M10B, W10B

Provisional course lengths and climb subject to final controlling

Entry Fees
Non Members
    Senior: £18.00
    Senior Novice: £10.00
    Junior/Student: £10.00
    Junior Novice: £8.00
BOF Members
    Senior: £16.00
    Senior Novice: £8.00
    Junior/Student: £8.00
    Junior Novice: £6.00
SOA Members
    Senior: £17.00
    Senior Novice: £9.00
    Junior/Student: £9.00
    Junior Novice: £7.00

Juniors are under 26 on 31st December.

ie Students and young adults aged 21 to 25 are charged junior fees

Novice fees apply to courses Light Green to White (TD 4-1)

Dibber Hire
- SI dibbers are available to hire free of charge but there is a £30 charge if lost.
- SIAC (Touch Free) dibbers cost £2.50 to hire and there is a £60 charge if lost.

Full details are on the event webpage

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Event Information

Entry Details
For this National event, unlike our Local events, we are only taking entries from individuals or pairs and for pairs only on courses Light Green to White. Pairs entrants will not be eligible for SOL league points.

Please check the event webpage for more details.

To enter as a Student just tick the Are you a Student? box to access the reduced Junior rate.

NB The Junior rate also apples to all Young Adults aged 21-25

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Contact details are kept for 5 years in a secure location for insurance purposes and not shared outwith the club.

Start List
Black Club Age Class
Michael Bishenden MOR M18
Alison O`Neil ESOC W35
Iain Whiteside INT M35
Short Brown Club Age Class
Dougal Lamont INVOC M50
Peter McLuckie MOR M50
Blue Club Age Class
Jamie Crawford ESOC M16
Sarah McAdam ESOC W40
Finlay McLuckie MOR M16
Kate McLuckie MOR W18
Short Blue Club Age Class
Emma Anderson ESOC W50
John Coon ECKO M70
Ted Finch FVO M70
Fiona Forrest RR W50
Morag McLuckie MOR W50
Donald Petrie CLYDE M65
Green Club Age Class
Amelia Petrie CLYDE W65
Short Green Club Age Class
Suse Coon ECKO W70
Val Finch FVO W70
Terry O’Brien BEM STAG M65
Anne Thom ESOC W70
Gerard Thomson STAG M65
Very Short Green Club Age Class
Marion MacCormick BASOC W80
Light Green Club Age Class
William Atkinson ESOC M14
Orange Club Age Class
Kyle Crawford ESOC M14