Haldon Forest Training 18 05

Saturday 18th May

Training session for both New and Experienced Orienteers
Saturday morning Orienteering training in South Devon. Open to those with limited experience with coaching available and also exercises for experienced runners who just want to practice.
Contact: steveperrelle@blueyonder.co.uk

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Entry Fee: £4.00
£4 per week per person

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Where : Meeting in main car park at Haldon Forest Country Park.
Who is it aimed at ? Nearly everybody is the answer. If you are quite new to Orienteering and need coaching we will have a group going through the basics. If more experienced and just need the practice we will have some exercises to get you thinking and no doubt there will be a group in the middle as well getting guidance.
From about age 10 most children can take part but we strongly encourage parents to have a go as well…… especially where the children are at the youngest end.

What do you need to bring ? Yourself in sensible clothing , trainers ( or Trail shoes if you have them) plus a drinks bottle and a light snack which goes down well. If you have a compass and whistle bring them with you but we will have spares. If its going to rain a lightweight waterproof make sense. We will generally carry on whatever the weather unless it is really poor.

How much will it cost ? Currently £4 per week to cover map printing costs, access and coaches travel costs.

See information page on the club website for full details.