Greenwich Park

Tuesday 4th June

Dartford Orienteers invite you to an event in the Park Race event in this attractive Royal Park.

You will have a unique start line on the Greenwich Meridian with generally super fast open parkland. Lots of hills and unpassable areas to provide route choice and catch out the unwary.

For newcomers, guidance on what to do will be provided both in advance and on the day.

Standard entries are until midnight on Sunday 2nd June but entries will stay open beyond this time at a surcharge, including up to the time of the event, depending on the availability of maps. All entries, including entry on the evening if allowed, will be via racesignup. There will be no cash entries at the event.
Registration online only

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Entered: 14

There are two courses available:

Short - 2.5k straight line; optional running distance 2.7k

Long - 5k straight line; optimal running distance 6.2k

Expected winning time on the Long course of 20-25 minutes

Entered: 6

Entered: 8

Entry Fees
Up to midnight on Sunday, 2nd June
Seniors £7 Juniors £4
From 00:01 on Monday, 3rd June
Seniors £9, Juniors £5
Fees for this event are higher than most other races in the series but this is a superb area for a Park Race series event in many respects and the event access fee is being partly met by the club.

Additional £2 for seniors if not a member of British Orienteering

Standard electronic timing chip hire £1
Contactless punching chip £2.50 (limited number available)
Event Information

We invite you to enter our Park Race series event in Greenwich Park, one of the Royal Parks.

You must not attend if you or a member of your household has COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19.

You must adhere to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

Event Centre
Our event centre is The Plume of Feathers, 19 Park Vista, London SE10 9LZ (what3words activism.chairs.axed) with thanks to the landlord, James.

Food order are taken up to 8pm so bear this in mind when deciding when to start if you would like to eat.

You are advised to come to the event by public transport as evening traffic in and around Greenwich is heavy.

Car parking is available in selected streets near to the Event Centre with no charge after 6:30pm. If you arrive before then, parking charges of about £5 per hour will apply. Some areas are Residents only so check carefully before you park.

Public transport
The Event Centre is about 150m from Maze Hill station, on Thameslink and South Eastern series from London Bridge and elsewhere. Maze Hill is one stop beyond Greenwich with a ten minute service interval most of the time. Greenwich is additionally served by the Docklands Light Railway with a cross platform interchange to services to Maze Hill

The area, terrain and the map
Greenwich Park slopes down steeply to the north. The northern area is undulating whereas the southern part of the park is largely flat. As we start in the north, you can expect an early climb (and others!) and a fast finish. The park is well drained.

There is extensive regenerative and development work taking place around the observatory with one area fenced off. This does not adversely affect the courses.

With the Observatory in the centre of the park and the Meridian Line passing through it, the park is very popular with locals and a major tourist attraction. Please respect fully the rights of all other users of the park and give others a wide berth. We are privileged to have been allowed to hold the event.

A small number of controls, on the Long course only, are outside of the park in a nearby urban area. Bear this in mind when selecting your running shoes.

The map is 1:5,000 drawn to ISSOM standards and is printed on waterproof paper.

Control descriptions
Control descriptions are printed on the map and loose control descriptions will be available in the start lanes.

Electronic punching
Contactless punching will be facilitated but it is a Punching Start and Finish.

Results will not be on display at the event but you can access live results on the DFOK website during and after the event We expect to be able to provide a QR code which can be accessed by your mobile phone for speedy access to these.

We are grateful to Royal Parks for their permission for us to hold the event and to management at The Plume of Feathers for allowing us to use their facilities as our Event Centre.

Please refer to our website for further information (a link is below)

David Lobley - Organiser

Event Details
Start List
Short Age Category Club
Sue Connolly W75 IND
Isla Findlay W10 DFOK
Philip Lodge +1 M16 IND
Jasdeep Malik M10 IND
Jessica Walker W40 IND
Jenette Wills W18 IND
Long Age Category Club
Richard Bostock M60 DFOK
Kim Carter W21 IND
Andrew Evans M65 DFOK
Simon Fitzmaurice M35 IND
Don McKerrow M70 SLOW
Allison Page W50 DFOK
Antoine Pesenti M50 DFOK
Dimitre Poydovski M50 DFOK