Balloch Country Park - 2024 Spring Series #4

Thursday 23rd May

This is the fourth Clyde Spring Evening Event for 2024 at Balloch Country Park (Nearest station is Balloch, about 2km away)
Car parking is at the Balloch Castle car park.
The event will use SI units and will be timed. An SI Dibber is required and can be hired through the entry form.

There are 3 courses: Long; Short; and Novice for beginners and younger children. Novices can go in pairs or family groups.
Starts between 18:30 and 19:00. Courses close at 20:00.
The park is a mix of semi-natural and ornamental woodland, open parkland, formal gardens, meadow, play parks and shoreline. It is on the south-east shore of Loch Lomond, on the northern edge of Balloch.

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Course is designed for novices and younger children (yellow standard). Participants can do the course in pairs or family groups if desired.
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Long - about 5 km
Short - about 3 km
Novice - about 1.5 km - for beginners and younger children.

Entry Fees
Long and Short Courses:
Adults: £6:00 Juniors & Students: £3:50

£1:00 discount for British Orienteering Members

Novice Course: £2:50 for all, including pairs and family groups

Hire of SI Dibber: £1:00