High Rigg (South) orienteering

Thursday 16th May

You must come and register before starting your run and you must return to registration to download even if you retire from your course.
We are sorry that there is no easy course this week. Please avoid entering the short or long courses as an alternative to the easy - we will see you the week after at Hogs Earth (Borrowdale)
Contact: jamie.rennie@btinternet.com

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Entered: 79 of 180

Long 4.6km 250m climb
Optimal route
Entered: 48

Short 3.3km 200m climb
Optimal route
Entered: 31

There is no easy course this week as the area is unfortunately not suitable. We will see all easy course runners at Hogs Earth the following week.

Entry Fees
Senior: £4.00
Junior: £2.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

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