John Muir Country Park

Saturday 25th May

Entries close Friday 24th May

A friendly, local event in East Lothian
JMCP will take many years to fully recover from storm damage which flattened many of the trees.

For this event all courses will be on the path network so that ground nesting birds are not disturbed.

Courses will be restricted to White, Yellow and Long Yellow – ideal for families and novices.

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Entries close 19:59 on 24th May

You can add a new entry or view (but not amend) existing entries.

Entered: 20

White 1.6km
For competitive 9-10 year olds and 11-12 year old beginners.
Follows paths with a control at each choice point.

Entered: 8

Yellow 2.7km
For competitive 11-12 year olds and 13-14 year old beginners.
Follows line features with controls after choice points.

Entered: 1

Long Yellow 4.3km
For competitive 13-14 year olds and beginner adults.
Controls near paths or line features.

Entry limit: 30
Entered: 11

Entry Fees
  • Senior: £4.50 / £5.50 / £6.50
  • Junior: £2.50 / £3.00 / £3.50
  • Senior: £6.00 / £7.00 / £8.00
  • Junior: £3.50 / £4.00 / £4.50
Parent and Child
  • £4.50 / £5.50 / £6.50
Family Entry
  • £6.00 / £7.00 / £8.00
    We would generally encourage families to split up into pairs!
Junior second course
  • Entry Fee: £1
Fees are listed for BOF Members / SOA Members / non-members

A late entry surcharge of £1 for seniors/families and 50p for juniors will apply to entries made after Monday 23 April (when we order the maps)!

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December. If you are entering as a pair and one of the runners is a junior please use their year of birth to benefit from the reduced rate.

Join ELO to take advantage of the lower entry charges for members.
Start List
White Club Age Category
Emily Bell ELO W12
Rachael Bell ELO W12
Sarah Falconi W35
Victor Lim M14
Euan Robertson ELO M10
Roly Simpson M40
Clara Tapadinhas ELO W10
Yellow Club Age Category
Arthur Tapadinhas ELO M10
Long Yellow Club Age Category
Jennifer Atkinson ELO W45
Peter Atkinson ELO M14
Andrew Cunningham ELO M45
Joan Fairfull W45
Katie Fairfull ELO W18
Colin Hall M65
Jessica Naylor ELO W10
Ian Rowland ELO M60
Nigel Schofield ELO M60
André Tapadinhas ELO M40
Pete Younger ELO M65