Wednesday 10th July

SN Superstars

An evening of mixed games, competition and BBQ for all the club. The full menu can be seen on the SN web pages

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SN Superstars

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Entry Fees
SN adult - £10
SN adult guest - £13
SN Junior - £5
Event Information

SN Superstars 2024
This years closed club Superstars evening is on the 10th July. Once again an evening of fun games, twists and a BBQ are provided from Eagle House School near Crowthorne. All SN members and their guests are very welcome, and once again the club have continued in their sponsorship to keep the fees as low as possible with a significant discount for juniors and members.

Competition Classes
Boys (under 16) - although competitors can 'run up' if they wish!
Girls (Under 16) - although competitors can 'run up' if they wish!

Under 16's running up in order to compete for the Men's or Women's trophy MUST email Ross before Monday 3rd July to declare that they are running up.

BBQ Menu
Fresh 5oz Beef Burger served with Onions & Fresh Rolls

Cheeseburger served with Onions & Fresh Rolls

Vegan Mountain Plant Burgers & Fresh Rolls

Crunchy Coleslaw Salad & Fresh Chives

Roasted Fresh Vegetable

Mediterranean Leafy Lettuce-Tomato-Cucumber

Tomato Ketchup– English Mustard- Mayonnaise-French Dressing Choice)

Please let Ross know by emailing if you have any special dietary requirements

What to bring
Bring your O kit, trainers (no metal studs), waterproofs/warm clothes if necessary, and something to sit on. Plus some drink to have with the BBQ and a sense of humour!

Start List
SN Member Name Hiring
Yes Christopher Ashenden No
Yes Helen Ashenden No
Yes Simon Dunkley No
Yes Paul Fox No
Yes Sarah Francis No
Yes Mark Howell No
Yes Thomas Howell No
Yes Peter Jones No
Yes Yvette Jones No
Yes Ross Maclagan No
Yes Debra Robinson No
Yes Sarah Rollins No
Yes Gill Sharp No
Yes Paul Wallace-Stock No