Lesnes Abbey

Tuesday 25th June

Dartford Orienteers invite you to an event at Lesnes Abbey set around the abbey ruins.

Lots of hills and unpassable areas to provide route choice and catch out the unwary.

For newcomers, guidance on what to do will be provided both in advance and on the day.

We still have maps for each course so entries will remain open until all maps are taken. All entries, including entry on the evening if maps remain available, will be via racesignup. There will be no cash or card entries at the event. If entering on the day, you may find it easier to enter before you leave the office or home to come to the event, it would guarantee you a map and it would help us too!
Registration online only
Contact: keefbennett@hotmail.com

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Entered: 83

There are two courses available:

Short - 2.5k straight line;

Long - 5.4k straight line

Contour interval is the ISOM standard of 5m

Expected winning time on the Long course of 20-25 minutes

The start and finish are each 800m from the Event Centre on a largely flat route. Follow the red and white tapes. Allow 10-15 minutes.

Short 2.5km 100m climb
Entry limit: 20
Entered: 19

Long 5.4km 185m climb
Entry limit: 95
Entered: 64

Entry Fees
Up to midnight on Sunday, 23rd June
Seniors £6 Juniors £3
From 00:01 on Monday, 24th June
Seniors £8, Juniors £4

Additional £2 for seniors if not a member of British Orienteering

Standard electronic timing chip hire £1
Contactless punching chip £2.50 (limited number available)
Event Information

We invite you to enter our Park Race series event at Lesnes Abbey, close to Abbey Wood station which is easily accessed from central London as a terminus of the Elizabeth Line.

You must not attend if you or a member of your household has COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19.

You must adhere to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

Event Centre
Our event centre is the Abbey Arms, 31 Wilton Road, Abbey Wood, London SE2 9RH (what3words: moving.fleet.bricks) with thanks to the landlord..

Food order are taken up to 9:30pm.

You are advised to come to the event by public transport as evening traffic in and around the area is heavy coming from central London.

Car parking is available in the Gayton Road car park, adjacent to the event centre and with the same postcode with no charge after 6pm. If you arrive before then, there is short term free parking until 6pm on selected streets near to the Event Centre, including on Abbey Road Some spaces are Residents only so check carefully before you park.

Public transport
The Event Centre is less than100m from south entrance to Abbey Wood station and visible from it. Abbey Wood station is served by Thameslink and South Eastern from London Bridge and elsewhere. It is also a terminus of the Elizabeth Line with frequent services from central London.

The area, terrain and the map
Lesnes Abbey is hilly! The land slopes up steeply heading south.

There is an extensive path network but some smaller paths are somewhat overgrown, so the wearing of shorts is not recommended.

Please respect fully the rights of all other users of the park and give others a wide berth.

The map is 1:5,000 drawn to ISOM standards and is printed on waterproof paper.

Start and finish
The start and finish are both about 800m from the Event Centre. Follow the red and white tapes.

Control descriptions
Control descriptions are printed on the map and loose control descriptions will be available in the start lanes.

Electronic punching
Contactless punching will be facilitated but it is a Punching Start and Finish.

Results will not be on display at the event but you can access live results on the DFOK website during and after the event at www.dfok.co.uk. There will be a QR code on your map which can be used with your mobile phone camera for speedy access to these.

We are grateful to LB Bexley for their permission for us to hold the event and to management at the Abbey Arms for allowing us to use their facilities as our Event Centre.

Please refer to our website for further information (a link is below)

Keith Bennett - Organiser

Event Details
Start List
Short Age Category Club
Jake Bennett M14 DFOK
Tina Bennett W45 DFOK
David Collier M70 DFOK
Philip Craven M70 DFOK
Chris Davidson M55 DFOK
Silvia De Bellis M50
Elaine Eyers W40 DFOK
Gordon Eyers M70 IND
Isla Findlay W10 DFOK
Ed Griffiths M50 DFOK
Dominique Lazanski W50 CHIG
Svetlana Mackevic W40
Paul Marshall M60 PFO
Colin Merry M70 DFOK
Rosie Merry W60 DFOK
Ugne Palubinskaite W40
Ruth Rhodes W80 SO
Claudia Zaliaduone W10
Herkus Zaliaduonis M16
Long Age Category Club
Iain Ambler M50 CHIG
Gavin Avey-Hebditch M65 WSX
Jack Bagness M21 IND
Marcus Bateman M55 SUFFOC
Rob Blair M50 IND
Richard Bostock M60 DFOK
Mark Bowden M35 SLOW
Francis Carr M35 IND
Ian Catchpole M45 DFOK
David Cave-Ayland M70 DFOK
Tom Cochrane M40 HH
Felicity Crimes +1 W21
Michael Crone M21 SLOW
Adam Davidson M16 DFOK
Adam Dent M40 CHIG
Ian Ditchfield M65 MV
Andrew Evans M65 DFOK
Todd Fallesen M40 SLOW
John Fawcett M50 PFO
Daniel Figg M21 HH
Heather Findlay W45 SLOW
Anthony Flick M45 LOK
David Float M55 HAVOC
Catherine Galvin W60 LOK
Michael Gee M35 IND
Nicholas Goldowsky-Dill M21 LOK
Lyudmila Gotseva W50 SLOW
Darren Halligan M35 IND
Neil Harvatt M65 HALO
Siobhan Henn W40 DEE
Alan Hickling M60 SAX
Mike Hughes M55 LOK
Martin Husbyn M21 IND
Francis Hutchinson M50 IND
Anisse Ismaili M35 SLOW
Jonathan King M50 BOF
Nikolay Kolev M55 SLOW
Peter Lambert M21
Paul Langston M70 HH
James Leech M21 SLOW
Dan Lewington M35 MV
Sarah Lewington W35
Don McKerrow M70 SLOW
Mike McLean M35 IND
Carys Morgan W45 SLOW
Tim Must M55 TVOC
Keith Parkes M75 DFOK
Ella Pyman W55 DFOK
Chris Rampton M55 WAOC
Ashley Reed M40
Matthea Roemer W21
Jennifer Sibley W21 MV
Rob Sibley M70 SAX
Gediminas Stanzys M40 DFOK
Jacob Stevens M45 CHIG
Neil Studd M35 SLOW
Paul Todd M45 LOK
Joe Toller M45 CHIG
Ben Toogood M35 MV
Paul Truss M35 RAFO
Michael Tsang M21 SLOW
John Tzanetis M55 DFOK
Roger Wilson M60 SLOW
Harold Wyber M35 CHIG