ESOC: Davidson’s Mains Park and Royal High School

Saturday 22nd June

The closing date for online entries is 8pm on Friday 21st June

However to be guaranteed a course map for your chosen course you MUST pre-enter by 2pm on Tuesday 18th June

We will print some extra waterproof maps for late entries and EOD but, once the stock has been used for any course (entry limits will appear in the courses box), RaceSignUp will not let you enter that course. You can enter another course or contact and you will be offered a non-waterproof version at the same cost.

This entry system allows for individual entries, pairs and groups (who wish to go round a course together).

Please read the Event Information below for help with using this system.

Once the first entry has been accepted, a Start List will appear at the bottom of this page, and the Courses box will update (from 3pm on Tuesday 14th May) to indicate the number of maps remaining (this will not update as late entries are accepted.

Full details are on the event webpage including an explanation of the Colour Coded courses. Please read these before you enter and again before the day to check for updates, especially on the Friday evening in case the weather has affected the event.

Course lengths and climb below are provisional at this stage

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Entered: 60

Light Green 3.5km 95m climb
Hardest technical course - but should be suitable for adult improvers. Map will be printed double-sided ie a map flip part way round.
Entry limit: 33
Entered: 32

Orange 2.7km 65m climb
Will involve basic use of the compass and route choice. Map will be printed double-sided ie a map flip part way round
Entry limit: 24
Entered: 20

Yellow 1.5km 35m climb
Course using simple linear features like paths, walls and streams.
Entry limit: 8
Entered: 5

White 1.3km 20m climb
Very easy course with all controls on paths. Suitable for wheelchairs and buggies
Entry limit: 8
Entered: 3

Entry Fees
Individual Fees

BOF Member
Senior : £4.50
Junior/Student: £2.50

SOA Member
Senior : £5.50
Junior/Student: £3.50

NON Member
Senior : £6.50
Junior/Student: £4.50

Students and young adults aged 21 to 25 are charged junior fees

See the Event Information panel below for details of how to enter a pair or group. A complete table of fees, for all classes of entries, is on the event webpage

First time using this system? To save time when entering ESOC events, please take the time to set up a RACESIGNUP account and create profiles for all the members of the group or family you are entering. You only need to pay once you have entered all the individuals you wish to. More help with entering pairs or groups below.
Event Information

Entry Help
If you want to run on your own with your own map and SI dibber (timing device) please enter as an Individual.

To enter as a pair who will share a map and timing device enter the name of the second person on the form in the Group/Pairs name box. For a pair of juniors ensure the lead person on the entry form is a Junior.

If you want to enter as a group (up to 2 adults and 3 juniors) to go round a course together sharing a map and SI Dibber (timing device), provide the details of one adult as normal and, at the bottom of the form, select the number of additional people that make up the group. You can enter the name for the group on the form in the Group/Pairs name box eg The Smith Family.

Larger groups should enter as 2 groups (in 2 separate entries).

You only need to pay once you have entered all the pairs, groups or individuals you want.

The fees for individuals, pairs and groups are listed on the relevant webpage on the ESOC website and include surcharges for those who are not members of an orienteering club or, if they are members of an orienteering club, are not members of BOF.

If you need more help contact or check the relevant webpage on the ESOC website or the beginners pages on the ESOC website

When entering our events your name may appear in the results section of the ESOC website or in newspaper reports. Read our data privacy policy on the event webpage to see how we look after your personal data.