ML(N) Catterick Garrison SE

Wednesday 23rd September

Please accept our apologies but we are forced to postpone the event due to newly introduced lockdown restrictions. We will be in touch about rescheduling.

The 2nd MLN-O fixture of the new season will be hosted by 201 Field Hospital (N) in the SE public area of Catterick Garrison. The terrain is a mixture of urban housing, fenced off barrack complexes and significant sections of urban woodland.

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Blue 7.0km
Entered: 5
Details TBC
Green 4.0km
Entered: 5
Details TBC
Lt Green 4.0km
Entered: 6
Details TBC
Sh Green 3.0km
Details TBC
Red 5.0km
Details TBC. Suitable for novices.

Entry Fees
    Entry fee: £3.30
    Entry fee: £4.30

Fees are calculated for each event as actual costs plus £2 split between the organising unit and the MLN-O league fund

Race Information
Current COVID19 restrictions mean that mandatory tasks are required before arriving at the event:
  • To enter, select your preferred start window of those available in your course
  • Make the payment to reserve your start window. Please consider paying in 'groups' of team members / friends as this reduces the fees and keeps the entry price low
  • Payment is required to secure your entry
  • DO NOT come to the event unless you have pre-entered
  • Don’t arrive at the event or start area early, but just before your start. Consider stopping in a parking area on the A66. Our parking area is limited
  • Arrive in your allocated slot, run and go home. If you are delayed we will cope! But, you will have to wait for a compliant start slot
  • Always respect others & social distance even when orienteering
  • Book out at the admin area without delay and depart
  • Entries will close on Tue 22 Sep at Midday

You must adhere to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.
Travel Directions
From the A1(M) south, turn left at the first set of traffic lights in the garrison. From the A1(M) North, go south across camp centre roundabout. Both routes then follow the white circular signs with O kites to the parking and admin area.
Map showing routes to parking, start lanes and nearest toilets
Catterick SE map extract
Parking is on hard standing. Parking will be in columns (like at a ferry terminal) to assist with the separations required. Parking is limited so please don't arrive too early or stay any longer than you have to
Full leg and arm cover is mandatory; that means no shorts, vests or shoe socks.
League Points
Only Blue, Lt Green and Red attract league points.
Starts: 1100 - 1430 hrs
Courses close: 1600 hrs
1:4,000 A3 Pre-marked on waterproof paper. Updated for this event, using parts of the area not used before Loose descriptions will be available on the day
£3.30 for military, £4.30 for civilians
Timing System
The event will use the MapRunF virtual orienteering, phone or Garmin smart watch Applications. There are NO controls or markers in the terrain. PLEASE come prepared for this. Guidance is at: You will be given the PIN for the course download at -5 mins in the admin area adjacent to the start. There will be a test course in the admin area for you to check that your device works before you make your way to the start. Don't be put off by the technology; if you don't have it or don't want to use it, we will take your word of your watch time as long as you don't EXPECT ANY LEAGUE POINTS
Toilets are not available in the admin area. The nearest ones are in Tesco. Dogs are permitted at the event.
For civilians participating in Army orienteering, Public Liability Insurance is provided by Towergate; individuals are advised to have their own private accident insurance. This event is conducted iaw BOF 2018 Rules and land booked iaw AOA DiO licence & JSP 907. A detailed safety brief will be displayed at registration and in all start lanes; by passing through the start process you will be deemed to have read it.
All runners must book out at the admin area - even if they don't finish the course!
Personal Information
The personal data you give at registration will be used by the event organisers and their agents only for the purpose of processing/publishing entries and results and as required by our insurers to validate our cover and managed iaw the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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Start List
Blue Age Category Unit/Club Start Window
Peter Bennison M60 Not listed 12:00 - 12:14
Michael Callaghan M35 HQ 102 Log Bde 11:00 - 11:14
Douglas Cunniff M40 HQ 102 Log Bde 11:00 - 11:14
Martyn Dean M60 CLOK 13:00 - 13:14
David Riches M55 37 Sig Regt 11:00 - 11:14
Green Age Category Unit/Club Start Window
Barry Harrison M80 CLOK 11:00 - 11:14
Roy Lindsell M75 EPOC 14:15 - 14:29
David Rosen M65 SROC 11:15 - 11:29
Miriam Rosen W70 SROC 11:15 - 11:29
Alan Williamson M70 Not listed 12:30 - 12:44
Lt Green Age Category Unit/Club Start Window
Celia Dean M60 CLOK 13:00 - 13:14
Guy Goodair M80 EPOC 11:00 - 11:14
Judith Goodair W75 11:00 - 11:14
David Hargreaves M60 37 Sig Regt 13:30 - 13:44
Christina Jones W45 HQ 102 Log Bde 11:00 - 11:14
Charlotte MacGregor W21 HQ 102 Log Bde 11:00 - 11:14