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Event Organisers

Racesignup provides event organisers and race directors with a great value service for taking entries to your sports event. You have full control over your event registration and entry process, defining the way event information is presented and entry data collected. Take a look at the entry process by entering one of our demonstration events: Demo Events

The Race Admin console allows you to configure your event in exactly the way you need so that you provide the right information to your competitors and allow them to speed through the entry process.

To get started, send us some information about your organisation and your events. We'll set you up with a Race Admin account and a demo event. Then we'll work with you to refine the configuration of the event to exactly meet your needs.

If you'd like to learn more about our service and how we can help you deliver your best-in-class event please do give us a call on 01794 461005 or send an email to [email protected].

Login to the console: Race Admin Console

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Your Introduction to Racesignup

See what our customers are saying . . .

Excellent entry system
Excellent entry system, good support and prompt payment.
Great support, simple to use and good value!
Racesignup is always very responsive to our requests. A good, simple to use system at a cost that beats most of the mainstream providers!
Slick and easy to use
Very slick service allowing for complex requirements (different competitor types, courses, start windows etc). Registration for subsequent races is very quick as all details are stored.
Really impressive!
Really impressed with this race booking system. Straightforward and simple to use for both the organiser and the entrants and looks great! Northamptonshire Sport looks forward to working with Racesignup in the months and years to come!
Flexible online entry system
A low cost, intuitive and supremely flexible online entry system which we can now use for all of our events.
Agile and responsive
Agile and responsive to our developing expectations. A great job. Thank you.

We can help you meet your sport's COVID-secure guidelines

Racesignup was born in Lockdown 1 and has lots of features to help you deliver a COVID-Scure event in line with your NGB requirements.

Self-assessment for COVID-19 symptoms. No-one should leave home to participate in sport if they, or someone they live with, has symptoms of COVID-19

- Racesignup includes an option to display a splash screen prompting entrants to make this consideration. As Event Organiser you can also specify health questions that can, if you wish, prevent an entry from being completed.

Event organisers should support track and trace efforts.

- Racesignup allows Event Organisers to specify exactly the level of contact information to be collected on the entry form. This information is then stored safely and securely and made available to the Event Organiser through the Race Admin console. Online entry on the day, EOD, is fully supportedn so the same level of information is collected for those turning up on the day.

Awareness of any increased risk associated with taking part in an activity. Advice to comply with public health restrictions and avoid high risk behaviour to reduce the risk to fellow participants.

- event organisers can configure Racesignup so that entrants have to confirm they have read the conditions of participation.

Clubs should strictly limit the time spent congregating at a venue before activity begins.

- Racesignup can allow entrants to choose their arrival or start period and limit the numbers per period. These parameters are fully in the control of Event Organisers.

Online entry, cashless , contactless registration.

- Racesignup does all the payment processing for you at very low cost (3% + 30p).

Limiting numbers.

- you can configure Racesignup to limit entry numbers overall and/or by course and/or by category.