Guest Teams - Day 2, Army Inter Unit Team Champs

Thursday 14th October

Guest Teams - Harris Team Event - Day 2, Army Inter Unit Team Champs. NOT for Military Teams
A Harris Team event is a bit like a team score. There are a group of controls that each member of the team must visit and a much larger group that at least one member of the team must visit. All controls can be visited in any order. There is a time penalty for each control missed. The team time is the time of the slowest team member multiplied by four. Each class has its own mass start.

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Entered: 40

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Long Class A
   Entered: 15
Open class for all genders and age groups
Masters Class B
   Entered: 6
For orienteers over 40years old
Short Class C
   Entered: 19
Shorter distance for all genders and age classes
Female Class D
Ladies only
Under 25 Class E
Easier technical course for younger orienteers

Entry Fees
Senior: £7.50
Senior Chip hire: £1.50
Junior: £5.50
Junior Chip hire: £1.50

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Punching: EMIT eCard (also known as EMIT brikke).
Event Information

Refund Policy
You may withdraw from the event up until 18:00hrs the day before. Your entry fee will be held as a credit to be redeemed when you next enter an ML(S) event.

Travel Directions
Signed from the junction at what3words nuns.send.unit.
Nearest Postcode GU16 6DF.
Follow directions of the marshalls.
Parking along forest roads

Really varied terrain: most types of woodland, open heathland, complex contour features, many tracks and foot paths, many man made features and some large water fearues.
Beware many other military users will be using the area as well as this competition

Scale 1:0,000 overprinted on waterproof paper

Registration: 09.30 - 10.30 hrs.
Everyone MUST go to Registration before starting

Starts: Classes D & E 10.30, Class C 10.40, Class B 10.50 & Class A 11.00
Courses Close: 13.00 hrs.

COVID-19 Health Screening
Please note that on pre-entry you will be required to answer and comply with an online COVID-19 health screening questionnaire. You will not be allowed to enter the event if you are required to self-isolate because you have or might have COVID-19.

You must adhere to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

Full leg and arm cover is mandatory; that means no shorts or vests. Whistles are compulsory. Available for £1 in registration queue.

Planner: Colin Dickson - BAOC
Controller: Pete Jones - SN
Organiser: Capt Mathew Rupasinha - Infantry (Scots)

Tom's Food Wagon, Toilets.

Civilian Participation
For civilians participating in Army orienteering, Public Liability Insurance is provided by Towergate; individuals are advised to have their own private accident insurance. This event is conducted iaw British Orienteering Rules 2019 and land booked iaw the AOA DIO Licence and JSP907.

Use of personal data
The personal data you give at Registration will be used by the event organisers and their agents for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results, conducting safety checks and as required by our insurers to validate our cover. Your information will be managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Start List
Long Age Category Team
Katherine Bett W21 Beauties and the Betts
Sue Bett W50 Beauties and the Betts
Axel Blomquist M65 Call of Duty
Gavin Clegg M65 Call of Duty
Peter Daplyn M40 Martha and the Muffins
Frida Forshallen W21 Beauties and the Betts
Paul Fox M55 Martha and the Muffins
Mike Frizzell M60 Call of Duty
Lucy Paton W60 Beauties and the Betts
Martha Paton W21 Martha and the Muffins
Alan Rosen M65 Call of Duty
Bruce Snelling M60 Martha and the Muffins
Emils Ummers M18
Oliver Williams M21 OAC
James Yule M18 .
Masters Age Category Team
Fiona Clough W55 BKO Buddies
Ian Ditchfield M65 Slowmotion
Annika Greenwood W50 BKO Buddies
Doug Greenwood M45 BKO Buddies
Barry Jones M50 so
Derick Mercer M55 BKO Buddies
Short Age Category Team
Jane Archer W65 Team GV
Colin Blanchard M40 Team GV
Angela Darley W45 Team GV
Denise Harper W70 Old Codger
Eric Harper M70 Old Codger
Roy Heselden M70 BADO Short
Ian Hudson M70 Old Codger
Alan Kersley M60 BADO Short
Tony Ludford M75 BADO Short
Andy Macgregor M80 BADO Short
Roger Maher M80 so
Richard Rae M75 BKO Shufflers
Ruth Rhodes W75 so
Peter Riches M70
Gill Sharp W60 Team GV
Martin Wilson M70 Keep On Running