MLN Ellington Banks

Wednesday 20th October

The first MLN League event for 2021/22

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Entered: 30

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Blue 6.4km 80m climb
   Entered: 8
    20 Controls. IOF control descriptions
Sh Green 3.2km 45m climb
   Entered: 9
    14 Controls. IOF control descriptions
Lt Green 4.2km 50m climb 4.2km 50m climb
   Entered: 11
    16 Controls. Text descriptions on the map, IOF loose ones
Red 4.1km 55m climb 4.1km 55m climb
   Entered: 2
    17 Controls. Text descriptions on map only

Entry Fees
    Entry Fee: £5.50
    Entry Fee: £3.00
Coaching Session
    Entry Fee: £0.50
Punching: EMIT EmiTag, Touch Free
Event Information

Travel Directions
What3words alike.linked.patrolled. Nearest postcode is HG4 3JZ.
Parking is on a hard standing car park. There may be other military users parking so please look out for the parking marshals

Mature woodland where most areas of the woods are runnable, a good network of tracks/paths, one area with many depressions and an area of open heathland and sand/mud to the south east.

Scale 1:7,500, last updated in 2019. Printed on waterproof paper. Loose control description will be provided at the entrance to start lanes, EXCEPT for the Red course.

Planner: Maj Al Mathers - 3RHA
Controller: Maj Mark Davis - 4Regt RA
Organiser: Maj Al Mathers
SRO: Planner

Reception: 1015 - 1400 hrs for Tag collection
Starts: 11.00 - 14.00 hrs
Courses Close: 15.15 hrs.

Full leg and arm cover is mandatory; that means no shorts, vests or exposed ankles.

Coaching is available for up to 20 military. The coaching sessions are aimed at beginners or those competing on Red or Lt Green courses. They will: start at 12:00 prompt, finish around 15:30, include a run on a course and conclude with a de-brief and action planning. For more information contact Phill Batts via

To book coaching (cost is 50p) please select the 'Coaching' option when you enter.

Results with splits will be at

COVID-19 Health Screening
Please note that on pre-entry you will be required to answer and comply with an online COVID-19 health screening questionnaire. You will not be allowed to enter the event if you are required to self-isolate because you have or might have COVID-19.

You must adhere to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

Civilian Participation
For civilians participating in Army orienteering, Public Liability Insurance is provided by Towergate; individuals are advised to have their own private accident insurance. This event is conducted iaw British Orienteering Rules 2019 and land booked iaw the AOA DIO Licence and JSP907.

Personal Responsibility
Orienteering in the Army is classed as individual military training. Civilian competitors are responsible for their own personal safety and for assessing their own abilities to complete the course.

Use of personal data
The personal data you give at Registration will be used by the event organisers and their agents for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results, conducting safety checks and as required by our insurers to validate our cover. Your information will be managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Start List
Blue Age Category Unit/Club Start Window
Martyn Dean M60 CLOK 13:00 - 13:14
Stephen Eastley M65 BL 11:45 - 11:59
RSMI Gerry Garvey M55 Cumbria ACF 11:30 - 11:44
William Hickson M55 CLARO 11:00 - 11:14
John Lebeter M65 CLARO 11:00 - 11:14
Patrick Smyth M65 Independent 11:45 - 11:59
Catherine Taylor W21 11:45 - 11:59
Paul Taylor M70 CLOK 11:45 - 11:59
Sh Green Age Category Unit/Club Start Window
Arthur Clarke M70 CLARO 12:30 - 12:44
David Day M70 CLARO 11:30 - 11:44
Osmond Gardner M65 CLOK 12:00 - 12:14
David Offler M65 HALO 11:30 - 11:44
Alan Parker M70 AIRE 11:30 - 11:44
Margaret Parker W75 AIRE 11:30 - 11:44
Trevor Peacock M50 CLOK 11:30 - 11:44
mr Brian Slater M70 HALO 11:30 - 11:44
Wendy Taylor W65 CLOK 11:45 - 11:59
Lt Green Age Category Unit/Club Start Window
Allen Barnes M75 CLARO 12:30 - 12:44
Jackie Barnes W75 CLARO 12:30 - 12:44
Cecilia Dean M60 CLOK 13:00 - 13:14
Hilary Eastley W65 BL 11:45 - 11:59
Guy Goodair M85 EPOC 11:00 - 11:14
Judith Goodair W80 EPOC 11:00 - 11:14
Roy Lindsell M75 EPOC 11:00 - 11:14
Patricia Simmons W70 HALO 11:15 - 11:29
Paul Simmons M70 HALO 11:15 - 11:29
Rob Tooze M70 CLOK 11:15 - 11:29
Stephen Warner M65 EPOC 11:00 - 11:14
Red Age Category Unit/Club Start Window
Christine Hayes W60 CLARO 12:30 - 12:44
Arabella Woodrow W65 EPOC 11:15 - 11:29