MLN Alanbrooke Barracks

Wednesday 6th December

This is the first event of the MLN 23-24 season
This event will take place within the barrack complex but access will be via the perimeter track of the airfield. The map was drawn in Aug 22
Contact: [email protected]

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Entered: 59

Blue 7.0Km, 0m, 41 controls
Long, technically difficult with pictorial descriptions
Entry limit: 80
Entered: 21

Short Green 3.7Km, 0m, 25 controls
Shorter medium distance, technically difficult with pictorial descriptions
Entry limit: 60
Entered: 19

Light Green 4.6Km, 0m, 29 controls
Medium distance, technically Medium with loose pictorial descriptions, textural descriptions on the map
Entry limit: 60
Entered: 10

Red 5.2Km, 20m, 38 controls
Long, technically easy with textural descriptions.
Entry limit: 60
Entered: 9

Entry Fees
    Entry Fee: £6.00
Military plus Coaching
    Entry Fee: £5.50
    Entry Fee: £5.00
Late entries for a £1 supplement up to 8pm on the day before
Event Information

Base Security requirements
This event is being held on an active MoD base that comes under their security requirements.
Civilians that are known to the league staff will be permitted to enter. However, if you are not known the league staff then your entry will be cancelled and your account will be credited with the fee.
To gain access to a secure site you will need to enter other MLN events to become one of the "known" civilians.
All civilian entrants will be required to provide the details of the vehicle that they will be travelling in at sign up.
Only those entered in the competition can enter the base even if in an authorised vehicle.
Every civilian entrant must have a valid photo ID.

Refund Policy
You may withdraw from the event up until 12:00hrs the day before. Your entry fee will be held as a credit to be redeemed when you next enter an MLN event. A refund can be made upon request but will incurr the card processing fee

Travel Directions
Entrance gate to the airfield at What3words payer.ratty.users. Turn off onto track from the B1448, just north of Thorpefield is at What3words nearest postcode is YO7 3HQ.
Follow the signs around the track to parking area, the speed limit is 15mph.
There is a section of road that is controlled by traffic lights in case of landing aircraft; all vehicles must obey these lights.
Parking is shown on airfield map as a "P" and the first aid symbol is the location of reception.
Route to the start is also on the airfield map, there is another set of traffic lights on this route and they must be obeyed by pedestrians.
Maps are on MLN-O Facebook page and last page of the flyer

Alanbrooke barracks is a mixture of family housing, in its own fenced compound to the SW of the main camp, administrative buildings, soldier and officer accommodation, aircraft hangers and odd buildings left over from its decades as an operational RAF base. There is a golf course to the south of the barrack map, it is marked with purple hatching and is out of bounds to competitors.
The airfield is an active emergency landing site and is out of bounds at all times.

Scale 1:4,000, (3,000 for Sh Green), 5m interval, printed on waterproof paper, drawn for this event by the planner.

Planner : Wayne Byrne RAFO
Organiser: Mark Davis 4 Yorks
Controller: Rob Harrison 4RA

Punching system
EMIT Emitag Touch Free. Wrist strap chip system with LED light to indicate a successful punch. No beep. No hire charge but lost tags charged at £75.

Reception: 11.30 - 14.30 hrs for Tag collection.
Starts: 12.00 - 15.00 hrs
Courses Close: 16.00 hrs. Controls will be taken in from 15.45 hrs.

Coaching is available for up to 20 military. The coaching sessions are aimed at beginners or those competing on Red or Lt Green courses. They will: start at 12:00 prompt, finish around 13:00, include a run on a course and conclude with a de-brief and action planning. For more information contact Phill Batts via [email protected].

To book coaching (cost is 50p) please select the 'Mil &Coaching' class when you enter.

COVID-19 Health Screening
Please note that on pre-entry you will be required to answer and comply with an online COVID-19 health screening questionnaire. You will not be allowed to enter the event if you are required to self-isolate because you have or might have COVID-19.

You must adhere to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

Dogs are not allowed on the courses but are allowed in the parking area

Results with splits will be at

Toilets will be available in the area adjacent to the start.

Civilian Participation
For civilians participating in Army orienteering, Public Liability Insurance is provided by Towergate; individuals are advised to have their own private accident insurance. This event is conducted iaw British Orienteering Rules 2019 and land booked iaw the AOA DIO Licence and JSP907.

Personal Responsibility
Orienteering in the Army is classed as individual military training. Civilian competitors are responsible for their own personal safety and for assessing their own abilities to complete the course.

Use of personal data
The personal data you give at Registration will be used by the event organisers and their agents for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results, conducting safety checks and as required by our insurers to validate our cover. Your information will be managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).