Quick, easy entry to running and other sports events


Racesignup is an entry management service for all types of mass participation sporting events. The focus of the service is to provide a low-cost, highly configurable yet simple to use entry system, putting control of the entry process into the hands of the event organiser.

Features for athletes

  • easy to use
  • mobile friendly
  • stored profiles
  • enter multiple athletes with one payment
  • clear and comprehensive race information

Features for event organisers

  • supports all types of events
  • stylish landing page for your event
  • quick and easy entry process for your customers
  • configurable entry form - collect the information you need in your own words
  • include your own disclaimer and or terms & conditions
  • highly flexible fee charging structures
  • multiple fee bands, early bird, regular, late, etc.
  • definable discounts
  • no additional costs for refunds and deferrals
  • self-help transfer process
  • sell merchandise
  • send event information by bulk email
  • manage entry number limits by event, course or class
  • manage age limits by event, course or class
  • wave and start time allocation with optional limits
  • multi-day events and series - easy to set up and manage
  • sell Golden Tickets
  • prompt payment direct to you
  • low processing fees

Supporting Grassroots Sport

Racesignup is proud to support the Orienteering Foundation, a charity that promotes and supports orienteering in the UK. More details at www.orienteeringfoundation.org.uk We make a small contribution to the Foundation for every entry to an orienteering event handled through our entry platform.