Event Organiser Terms and Conditions

This service is provided by Racesignup Ltd, a UK based provider of software and ecommerce services, a private limited company registered in England & Wales (04381524). Our registered office is 60 Chiltern Drive, New Milton, BH25 7LD. For general enquiries, please contact admin@racesignup.co.uk or telephone 01794 461005. All references to Racesignup, we, our, us in these terms refer and apply to Racesignup Ltd.

Racesignup Services

We shall:

  • provide a secure, online portal for Event Organisers to register their event and define courses, fees, discounts and many other parameters;
  • provide a secure, online payment portal through which participants can enter and pay for entry into an Event;
  • collect and securely store each participant’s details on behalf of the Event Organiser;
  • collect card payments for entries and pass those payments less our processing fees to the Event Organiser as detailed below;
  • allow Event Organisers to manage, maintain and export entry data.

The Event Organiser shall:

  • register for an Event Organiser's account on our website and provide accurate details of the organiser, be that a person, a company or a sports club;
  • be responsible for all elements of the organisation of the Event including but not limited to setting the terms and conditions and refund policy governing the Event;
  • meet all and any fees related to failed or disputed payments;
  • indemnify us from and against all of our losses, damages, costs and expenses that arise because of or in connection with any claim for a refund of the Event Fee;
  • supply us with Event information well in advance of the Event to allow any changes to that information to be made in good time;
  • promote the Event’s Racesignup entry page for the event on the event website and other appropriate material;
  • ensure that the information provided on the Event listing on Racesignup is accurate;
  • supply participants with all the necessary information and/or equipment in order for them to participate in the Event;
  • check each participant’s details for accuracy and edit those details where changes may be required; and
  • provide us with the bank account details to which we shall transfer payments due as per the agreed schedule.

Cancelling an Event

The Event Organiser shall promptly notify us if the Event is cancelled or does not take place for any reason.

We will not authorise a refund, transfer or deferral without the express permission of the Event Organiser. We reserve the right to charge a fee to cover administrative costs where a refund, transfer or deferral is authorised by the Event Organiser.

Where all or part of the Event Fee is held by us at the time of the Event being cancelled, we will work with the Event Organiser to determine the most efficient means to reimburse participants. Where none of the Event Fee is held by us at the time of the Event being cancelled, the Event Organiser must pay the total sum due to us to reimburse participants prior to any refunds being processed by us. We reserve the right to refuse to process any refunds on behalf of the Event Organiser.

The Event Organiser shall indemnify us from and against all of our losses, damages, costs and expenses that arise because of or in connection with any claim for a refund of the Event Fee made against us by a participant where the Event is cancelled and the Event Organiser does not pay the total sum due to us in order to reimburse participants. We shall be entitled to recover all sums on demand as a debt.

Charges and Payment

Details of our charges are set out on racesignup.co.uk.

We shall collect and retain all Entrant Payments on behalf of the Event Organiser.

Card payment processing is carried out by Stripe, Inc. Payments take up to ten working days to clear.

Payment of all entry fee income less the processing fee and any charges or refunds are paid to the Event Organiser within ten working days after the event has taken place.

For events where the entries are open for more than one month and where the event income is more than £1,000, we will make weekly interim payments of cleared net income less a retention of 5% of gross income. Interim payments will be made when the amount to be paid is greater than £1,000.

Payment will be made to the Event Organiser's nominated bank account and will be supported by a statement setting out the fees collected, refunds made and the processing charges.

Limitation of Liability

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit or exclude our liability for:

  • death or personal injury caused by our negligence;
  • fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or
  • any matter in respect of which it would be unlawful for us to exclude or restrict liability.

Subject to those limits:

  • We shall under no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the Event Organiser for any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with the use of the Racesignup service; and
  • Our total liability to the Event Organiser in respect of all losses arising, shall in no circumstances exceed the Entrant Payments paid to us for the Event.


While we will do our best to ensure the service runs without error we do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the service or any specific results from use of the service.

Data protection. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details of how we collect and use your information.


This policy is reviewed periodically and we reserve the right to amend it accordingly. You are expected to read this page and to be aware of any changes.

Date of last review: 2 January 2024 modification in italics